How to create online events, outdoor events with custom seating charts and events with safe social distancing due to COVID19


  New COVID-19 Features:
Ticketor supports online events and events with social distancing that enforce certain distance between every attending group.
Events with social-distancing - Online events - Outdoor events due to covid19

1- Events with Safe Social Distancing

If you are required to enforce safe distancing in your event, Ticketor provides all tools you may need.

This section assumes you are familiar with creating events on Ticketor. If not, click here to learn about Creating an event on Ticketor

Tips on Creating Events with Safe Distancing Due to COVID-19

Event seating chart with social distancing due to covid19

General Admission Events

If your event is general admission, all you have to do is to reduce your Price Level's capacity to ensure that you are not selling tickets over what your venue can accommodate considering the safe distancing.

Assigned Seat Events

If your event is assigned seat with an amphitheater style seating or a round-table (dinner style) seating, you may need to add some empty seats between each attending party.

To do so go to the 'Edit Event' page for the event, go to 'Tickets Tab' and set the 'Seats between each party' to the number of seats you need to leave between each party to adhere to safe distancing. When the buyer tries to purchase the tickets, the system will consider those extra seats and automatically enforce that while helping the buyer in selecting their seats.

If you need to leave vacant rows between parties, for example you want to leave one row vacant after each row, simply do not add tickets for those rows. In other words, add tickets to row 1 and 3 but don't add tickets to row 2 and 4.

Capacity Cap

In all type of events, you can specify a maximum capacity to ensure not more than certain number of tickets are sold across all the price levels and regardless of the seating arrangement.

To do so go to the 'Edit Event' page for the event, go to 'Tickets Tab' and set the 'Capacity Cap' to the maximum number of tickets you want to sell.

Sample Events to Demonstrate the Features

  • Click here to view / test purchasing tickets to an event in a concert hall with social distancing: Purchase Test Tickets
  • Click here to view / test reserving seats for a free event (church service) with social distancing: Reserve Free Tickets

2- Online events

Creating online event is very similar to creating a regular event with some minor differences.

This section assumes you are familiar with creating events on Ticketor. If not, click here to learn about Creating an event on Ticketor

Tips on Creating an Online Event

  • Online events can be performed through a variety of conferencing or streaming tools including Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, etc.. The attendee needs to click on a link to join the event and optionally they may need a password or special instruction.
  • When creating the venue, you can set the venue name to something like 'Online', 'Online through [your provider name]'
  • Set the venue address to the link (URL) to join the event or leave the address empty if you prefer not to reveal the URL before the purchase.
  • You may get a warning that the system could not find the address. You can ignore the warning.
  • To reveal the link or any other instruction after the purchase is complete, from the 'Details tab' add it to 'After purchase notes' box. The content of this box will be shown to the buyer after the purchase is completed.
  • If you prefer to reveal the URL at a later time, maybe last-minute on the event date, you can use the Control Panel > Events & Venues > Mailing List feature and send an email to all the buyers. On the 'Send Tab' select 'Send to customers who have purchased tickets to the selected event'
  • If your streaming / conferencing provider can accept attendees email or a password, you can use Control Panel > Events & Venues > Admission List Detail to export the attendee list.
  • Each purchase has a unique 'Confirmation Number'. Each ticket has a unique barcode number. You can use this data as the username or password for the attendees to log in.
  • Please note that a purchase may have several tickets and so all those tickets will have the same confirmation number and email associated with them but each ticket will get a unique barcode number.
  • If you need to get individual attendees email address or ask the each attendee to select a username or a password, you can follow Control Panel > Help & Support > Help & Instructions > Question Manager (Asking questions from buyers)
  • Optionally you can create a delivery method from Control Panel > Account & Settings > Delivery Methods for online events with proper name and description and use it in your event instead of the e-ticket or will-call options.

Example: Creating a ticketed event on Facebook

Note: The below technique can be used with other social networks, streaming or conferencing sites.

Create a private Facebook group for your event.

Set the group in a way that you have to approve every new member and that the new members should answer the following question:

  • Purchase your ticket from [your Ticketor address] and enter the barcode number that appears on your ticket, here:

Create your event on your Ticketor site, set the venue address to the Facebook Group URL and instruct the buyers to join the group as soon as their purchase is complete so you have plenty of time to validate the barcodes and admit the attendees to the group.

To admit people to the group, go to the gate control page of your website, copy and paste the barcodes entered by attendees to the gate control's barcode box. If the barcode is accepted, add the user to the group.

At the time of the event, start a live stream to the group.

PS: You can leverage this opportunity to get more followers for your social network

3- Outdoor Events

Considering the COVID-19 situation, it may be safer and less restricted to move the events outdoor, in a parks or an open area.

Taking the events outside of the theaters and auditoriums with standard pre-defined seating charts, requires a ticketing system that allows you to build any custom seating chart in a timely and economic manner

Ticketor's state-of-the-art Seating Chart Designer Tool, allows you to build any seating chart including the theater-style, round-table, night-club style or any combination of them, in minutes and for free.

Take advantage of this valuable feature and consider planning outdoor events to combat the COVID19 restrictions.

Our Dedication and Success

We are dedicated to continue to quickly respond to and provide the features that may be required to re-open events around the world and our success in this matter is attributed to our agile and flexible, in-house engineering and design team.

Our goal is to make sure our clients have all the features and tools required to re-open and that they are among the firsts to re-start their events.

Please let us know if you have any specific requirements.