About Us

Two lifelong friends, Ali and Anca, designed Aliança Yoga Retreats for you. This project is born from their joy for life and aims to bring change, transformation and healing from the inside out into your life.


Ali has a constant smile on her face, filled with curiosity and wonder about herself and the world around her. She has academic studies in theatre, well-being and social intervention, but her constant desire of exploration pushed her on a journey to India, that ended up with a Yoga Teacher Training Certificate. She has been to 5 different continents and more than 40 countries, but her real favorite is Portugal.

Anca has an incommensurable joy of living around people while fully aware of herself. As a PhD student and a researcher in the social sciences field, with an academic background in communication, she is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but also a great storyteller.
With passion and enthusiasm, she is welcoming people from all around the world to Portugal, the country that she feels lucky to call home, as a local guide.