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CFPA Spring Musical
grades K-12 Little Bits, Jr, and Stage Crew

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What if your child could…

Attain Bigger And Better Roles

Has your child been a part of musicals and they still can’t achieve the role they are looking for… and don’t know why? By learning tested methods for theatre skills that actually work, your child will be able to try-out for better roles with an action plan. While we can never promise lead roles, we can offer the tools for your child to do their best and work competitively to achieve their dreams.

Overcome Confidence To Come Out Of Their Shell

Covid took a toll on everyone but we’ve seen it especially in children confidence. It kills us to see kids shy away from activities they used to dive right into without a care of what others thought. From day 1 to showtime, without a doubt, your child will overcome their lack of confidence and you will see that light shine like it used to. Just you see…

Learn to Sing, Dance, & Act

Have you always wanted to be a star?! From beginners to advanced students each child improves in acting, singing, and dancing. From professional teachers who used to be where your child is now, your child will go from A to Z in 12 quick weeks and master skills they never deemed possible.

Join a Community of Like-Minded Theatre Kids

“There’s a special kind of people known as SHOW PEOPLE.” Say goodbye to feeling left out and struggling to find anything in common. In a positive and fun environment, CFPA students grow as a family. There is no bond like being in shows together… creating lifelong bonds and memories. Our students stay together and grow as a family as artists and people from grades K-12!

Push To Succeed

Be rid of the lackadaisical attitude. Musical theater is an activity where seniority will not get the part. Students are taught work ethic and time management to grow in their craft in order to put on an incredible musical in such a short period. They are taught quality of work over nonsense, wasted hours to learn time management and quick progress to achieve success in their future.


What to Expect

Results are coming hour by hour in each week’s rehearsal of our 12-week run. Students are split into 3 groups and 3 sections to learn to sing, dance, and act. From top to bottom there is never a dull moment. Learning technique through the show material is fun and challenging.

Each hour has one core focus and goal to attain. Every actor is utilized to their best ability. With great participation, no matter how large or small a role is titled; all children have equal opportunities for special moments and solos.

Positivity is rewarded and leadership is essential. Every element of our rehearsal process has been tried, tested, and proven to deliver for 100s of Orlando theater students since 1998.

STEP 1: Learning the Show

Each week, students meet for 3 hours to put together a high expectation 60-minute musical. Split up into 3 sections, your child will participate in acting, dancing, and singing.

A.)    Hour One: Vocals

a.      Step one is to learn the music. Students work with a professional vocal director to learn the rhythms, harmonies, and advanced vocals required by the script. With various talents, the music comes together with different parts and vocalizations to make the  music come to life.

B.)    Hour Two: Choreography

a.      Next, is time to get on their feet and boogie. The choreographer teachers stylized movements specifically for our chosen show to utilize their strengths and push them physically. In a professional setting, they learn repertoire, history, style, and more to become the best dancers they can be… while singing in harmony!

C.)    Hour Three: Acting

a.      While singing and dancing are fun, that would be nothing without the acting and personality behind it. As actors, it is their job to tell the story; to act through lines and in the musical numbers. Engaging every single child in singing… dancing… and acting.

STEP 2: Practice Makes Improvement

A.)    Now it is their turn to make it their own and bring out their individuality. They learn and practice as a team to advance their skills and bring the show up to their fullest potential.

B.)    Put it all together: We break away from the 3-hour schedule and start to put the show together. They run it the way professional theaters do by performing Act I and Act II and creating a flow for the show.

STEP 3: Show Week

A.)    Dress and Tech Rehearsal

a.       They’ve put in 11 weeks and the final week is to put all the elements together. Lights, camera, action… and don’t forget the lavish costumes!

B.)    It’s SHOWTIME!

a.       Let’s hear the applause and fill the house for this show is ready for an audience! It’s what we’ve all been waiting for and they are so excited to present their hard work. You’ll be in awe at the growth from week one of just words on a page to the confident, skilled, and self-sufficient actor your child has become!


Jr & Stage Crew Rehearsal Details:

Location: Central Florida Performing Arts

Address: 4602 35th St. #400 Orlando, FL 32821

Dates: January 16 - April 16

Time: @5:30-8:30pm



Little Bits Rehearsal Details: (choose one)

Monday Location: Central Florida Performing Arts

Address: 4602 35th St. #400 Orlando, FL 32821

Dates: January 16 - April 16

Time: @4-5pm 


Thursday Location: The Dance Collective

Address: 14045 W Colonial Dr Winter Garden, FL 34787

Dates: January 16 - April 16

Time: @4-5pm



What to wear?

-          they can wear shorts, leggings, or something comfortable they can move and dance in. No jeans.

-          We will be in a ballroom so temperatures can fluctuate. Pack a sweatshirt if they get cold and options for when they get hot; feel free to pack an extra shirt or wear a tank underneath.

-          Shoes: All students must arrive in sneakers and can be worn for all classes. If your child has jazz or dance shoes, they can bring those for the more technical classes. Absolutely no sandals or crocs, as safety is a top priority.

-          Hair: Make sure hair is pulled back and clean so it doesn’t have to be a distraction for the event. French braids are a great idea! Some heavier ponytails tend to fall and become a constant distraction; so make sure your child is prepared and comfortable.

What to bring?

Pencil, water bottle, positive attitude!



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