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Gilbert and Sullivan's Trial by Jury and Rossini's The Silken Ladder
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Westmont Music Department presents

Gilbert and Sullivan's Trial by Jury and Rossini's The Silken Ladder

January 27 and January 29, 2023


Directed by Christina Jensen


Starring: Sean Ryan, Joy Sturges, Katie Ticas, Micah Howard, Melissa Ellsworth, Nate Carlins, Caleb Wilcox, Sibo Msibi


Trial By Jury

Edwin has broken his promise of marriage to Angelina, jilting her on their wedding day. She responds not in tears and pleadings, but by hiring an attorney and taking him to court.

Edwin employs every legal trick in the book to wriggle out of his commitment, finally pleading that he will not be faithful or fit husband. Angelina responds by dramatically declaring her love for Edwin . . . that is until a richer man comes along. After much debate and courtroom hijinks, the Judge declares that the only resolution to this case is to marry Angelina himself. The entire court erupts in joy and exits to ensure that this husband does not run away.


The Silken Ladder

Last night, Guilia and Dorvil were secretly married. But, they cannot run away together until they break the news to Dormont, her guardian and tutor. They fear his disapproval since Dormont intended Guilia to marry Signore de Blansac. Guilia concocts a clever plan. First, she creates a silken ladder out of her sheets. Every night, she will attach it to her balcony, giving her new husband access to her room. Then, she will encourage a match between Signore de Blansac and her cousin Lucilla. That is, if he can prove he will be faithful to her.

In spite of the simplicity of this plan, it goes terribly awry when the rest of the household comes into play. The eavesdropping servant, Germano, overhears Guilia talking about her nightly rendez-vous. Thinking that Blansac is the intended lover, Germano blabs the plan to him. Germano then hides in Guilia's room in the hope of learning what women want. Lucilla, who also heard about the rendez-vous, slips in and encases herself in the wardrobe.

At midnight, Dorvil climbs up the ladder to his beloved. Blansac follows close behind. Guilia hides Dorvil in the chest and Blansac in the wardrobe. Dormont then enters, having been disturbed by a ruckus in the garden.

Furious at Guilia's indiscretion, Dormont throws open the wardrobe. To everyone's surprise, Lucilla steps out. Blansac follows. When Dormont insists Guilia and Blansac sign their marriage contract immediately, Germano is discovered trying to cower under the desk. Before dealing with Germano, Dormont demands that Guilia take her husband's hand. Dorvil pops out of the chest, declaring that he is Guilia's husband. Guilia explains that she married Dorvil out of love, which was her aunt's only requirement. On this good advice, Blansac proposes to Lucilla. Dormont throws up his hands and gives them all his blessing. Rejoicing, they all sing about the power of love.


Performance Dates and Times:

Friday, January 27 at 7:00 PM

Sunday, January 29 at 7:00 PM


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General Admission: $20

Seniors/Active Military: $15


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