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A Package / Season ticket for 3 different events
Kids Show + Great Circus + Amusement Park

Ticket sales will end on Aug. 22, at 10:00 PM local time.

Returns Policy:

Check return policy for each event in the package.

Exchange / Upgrade Policy:

Check exchange / upgrade policy for each event in the package.

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About this package:

  • This package / season combines 3 events together. You can package as many events.
  • Note that the events are very different and have different price structure. In this example, one event is assigned seat, the second event is general admission and the 3rd event is a recurring event 
  • Buyer can add additional tickets to each event. So if the buyer expects guest for one event, they can buy the tickets together which ensures that they seat together
  • Buyer gets 20% discount on the package
  • If the events where similar (similar seating chart or they where all general admission and had similar price structure), the buyer could add all the events to the cart in one click