Ticketor website builder features

8/25/2020 David

Ticketor's website builder features


You can use your Ticketor-based site in different ways. 
1. You can use it as a stand-alone website and even use it as your official website. By default your site address will be[TheNameYouChoose]. However, you can use the white-label feature and use your own domain ( or sub-domain ( 
2. You can add it as a ticketing section to your existing website. 
3. You can embed it in your existing website. 
4. You can link to the ticketing page from your website, Facebook, etc. 

If you use Ticketor as a website builder, you can easily add or update the content. 

You can add galery page with photos and videos, blog / news pages, free-form pages, etc.

This is a sample of a blog page.


Ticketor review module

8/25/2020 David

Ticketor review module

Ticketor's review module is a nice add-on to your ticketing system. It encourages the verified buyers to review your events and answer survey-like questions. 

Unlike, most online review systems on the internet, unreasonable reviews can be deleted by you, the administrator, with some limitation to make sure the reviews are fair, both for the merchant and for the buyer. 

After each event, an email goes out to the buyers and asks them to review different aspects of the event.

Your reviews are submitted to Google and other search engines and most search engines show your ratings in the search result which is a great tool to stand out among all the competitors.