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5-Day Self Discovery Retreat
Connecting With Your True Essence

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5-Day Self Discovery Retreat - Connecting with Your True Essence 

with Franco DeNicola Aug. 17th to 22nd 2018

This 5-day retreat is for anyone who wants to connect to their true essence allowing them to live from a higher perspective and less in the ego's and collective's worldview of life!

How would your life be if you were living from your higher perspective most of the time?  What would your daily interactions be like?  How much more exciting and expansive would this life journey be for for you?

How often do you feel you are getting caught up in the distractions and roles in life while feeling unfulfilled and not aligned with your true life’s purpose?  

How often do you feel your life has become small and somewhat meaningless?

Are you feeling that in some way that you are just wasting time by not doing what you truly want to do?

Do you feel lost and question whose idea of life are you living?

Do you say to yourself there has to be more to life than this?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you may want to participate in our upcoming 5-day retreat August 17th to 22nd! In this retreat, we will be delving deep on a personal level into the truth of who we are.  How we have been operating and how to shift it.

We will have 5 days of interaction, meditations, insights, tools, exercises, and processes. We will also have time to enjoy and connect with the surrounding nature, time with one another and time for reflection and integration. We will also be providing an opportunity for each participant (if they choose) to view a personal challenge one on one with Franco in the group setting.  A very supportive environment will be created and maintained where everyone will benefit from this kind of exploration.

Below is a full list of what we will cover during this 5-day retreat

  • Tuning into who you truly are and re-establishing a clear connection
  • Living from your higher perspective and the expansion experienced
  • Seeing yourself and living as more than this physical experience
  • Tapping into infinite resources
  • Staying on-track and focused as your authentic self
  • What are distractions and letting go of them
  • Establishing and maintaining communication with Higher Self while navigating the human experience with more ease
  • The illusion of limiting beliefs and programs, how it came about  and how to release it
  • Understanding and experiencing the whole of who you are
  • Time in nature to integrate, replenish, and connect
  • A look at your involvement in creating your personal reality and the surrounding realities and the links
  • Choosing the life you have a higher preference to experience
  • Are you always in charge?
  • How to get back into the driver seat of your life.
  • Creating an alignment with your soul/higher self
  • What stops you choosing from a higher perspective?
  • Why we stay in a holding pattern to recreate and relive the same experiences?
  • How do we break free from our own patterned behaviour?
  • Who’s life are we living? If we shift it what does it mean to ourselves and others
  • Being really honest with yourself about your desires…is it your desires or someone else’s or a collective adoption? 
  • What shaped us and what part did we have in it.
  • Living less in your mind and more in your heart/soul/higher self
  • Relationship with yourself – how important is it to nurture it?
  • Shifting from a small life to an expansive life
  • A time to view personal challenges – bringing in your Higher Self awareness to guide you to a higher perspective.  It will be a guided process.
  • Time for addressing questions and a look at the implementation in your everyday life.

This retreat will provide nourishment for the body, mind, and soul while giving you time to recharge and experience a transformation while establishing a stronger connection with oneself!

To further compliment your retreat experience Milan Likon and Joanne Holtby will share their combined talents with the Tibetan singing bowls and flute for two scheduled sound meditations! Joanne and Milan will also provide an opportunity for you to start your day with some gentle but invigorating yoga!

This retreat will be held at the beautiful Ecology Retreat Centre in Hockley Valley nestled amongst a hardwood forest and winding streams. Along with the Centre’s natural beauty it hosts a natural swimming pond, a pool, a labyrinth and delicious vegetarian meals! It provides the perfect supportive atmosphere, whereas a group we can come together to grow, learn and transform ourselves!  We selected the Ecology Retreat Centre for the energies the area and centre hold to better support us through the experience and work we will be doing. 

*This retreat will not be Live Streamed, however, will be recorded and available for purchase before and after the event.*

This will be an exciting opportunity to become fully immersed in your own self-discovery process! You have the key to truly transform your life.  Be with us!

Much love,

Franco & Kimberly


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