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The Haunted Mansion

Hello, welcome to The Haunted Mansion, we have been serving the local area for over 2 years and this year is going to be our 3rd year serving the local area! We try our very hardest to bring all of you scare seekers out there the best haunted expierence ever! We always year after year bring you 7 haunted attractions for the lowest price, this year we have added 2 more new attractions which brings our total up to 9 haunted attractions, however this year prices will increase slightly but it's worth it! Things will be better than they have ever been in the past, come check our haunted attractions out and visit us at the Haunted Mansion! You can either choose to purchase tickets to 1 of our haunted attractions, several of our haunted attractions, or you can even choose to purchase a ticket pass which allows you to visit all of the attractions listed below! Please note that some of our attractions are HANDS ON and you must either be 18 years or older or have an adult with you, on 3 of our attractions listed below you will be required to sign a waiver during the check - in process!


Zombies Invade - Zombies Invade is an awesome expirence, we bring you the best hollywood style effects and animated props, our zombies will chase you through many obstacles and even force you to climb, walk, run, scream, and climb through cars! Test your limits today and see if you could survive a zombie appocolpyse by visiting the Zombies Invade haunted attraction today!


Circus 3D - Circus 3D is an overall awesome haunted house expirence, put on some 3D glasses provided when you check in and enjoy the fun, clowns galore, it's a circus that has gone wrong, the clowns have gone insane, they want to eat you alive! Go ahead and plan your party or visit to the circus today and purchase tickets! (A waiver signage is REQUIRED!)


The Factory - Welcome to the factory, all new for this haunted year of 2015, we would like to introduce to you the factory, all of the workers have been killed by someone, we can't figure out who this someone is .... will you end up meeting that one person we've always been looking for? Could it be Freddy Kruger? Purchase your tickets to The Factory today and expirence it for yourself!


The Hospital - Come on out to this old & errie hospital, this building is actually truly haunted! Expirence a total black-out situation, you can't even see whats behind or in front of you! The patients in our hospital have gone crazy and the suregon has gone even craizer! The surgeon wants to eat every patient alive and he might even try to eat you alive! See if you survive The Hospital and purchase your tickets now!


The Insane Run - Come visit us this year for one of our newest attractions with the name of INSANE RUN, during this haunted spooky attraction you will be chased through a corn maze which is TOTAL DARK, you will meet your biggest fears and will meet some friendly zombies and clows that just want to chop you up with a chain saw! See if you can survive and purchase your tickets today!


SAW - Come on out to our ALL NEW haunted attraction called SAW and expierence a hollywood like movie effect, with scary demons chasing you thoughout the entire 15 acres of haunted woods... will you survive and make it back to the safe haven, find out by purchasing your tickets today!


Demon's Alive - Expirence a situation of a household with possessed children and crazy demons, this hands on haunted attraction will allow our haunters to seperate you from your groups, hold you behind, or send you down dark narrow pitch black haunted passage - ways, come on out and see if you don't end up possesed today by purchasing your tickets to DEMON'S ALIVE! (A waiver signage is REQUIRED!)


The Villagers - Come expierence a small rural town village with villiagers that have the ultimate goal of killing and eating you, try your best to avoid being eaten alive or even killed by a local villager and go ahead and purchase your tickets today!


Haunted Hayride - Come on out and expirence a hayride that has gone horribly wrong, this family fun event is meant for ALL AGES but is very very very scary including many awesome hollywood style FX effects, purchase your tickets now before we sell out!


Special Message: Hello, we would like to alert you that parking is free however to be able to park in our parking lot you must purchase a FREE parking pass on this site, otherwise you WILL NOT be allowed to purchase parking at gate, you will be required to park in our external lot which is located 3 miles east of our grounds, there is a paved and wooded trail that will lead to our park enterance or you can pay JUST $1.00 to take the shuttle right to our enterance!


Tickets are not available any more on The Haunted Mansion. You may be able to buy tickets at the venue if available.

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