Ticketor - How to: POS (Point of Sale): Sell tickets over the phone or face-to-face at a retail location or the box-office

POS (Point of Sale): Send invoices or sell tickets over the phone or face-to-face at a retail location or the box-office

Ticketor is a full-featured box-office solution. You can use it to sell tickets online, over the phone or at a retail location, ticket booth or box-office.

You can sell tickets, merchandise, donations and accept cash, check, credit or debit card or you can send invoices.

To sell in cash, check or to send invoices, the user (sales agent) needs the permission to do so. The permission can be granted from the User Manager page.

What do we need?

1- The user selling the tickets, needs to have "Sales Agent" role, potentially with the permission to sell in cash. Check out "Users with special permission" section for more information.

2- You also need a computer / laptop or tablet connected to internet.

3- For face-to-face sales, you probably need a printer and optionally a credit card reader. You can use a regular ink-jet or laser printer to print paper tickets, or a professional thermal printer to print professional hard-copy tickets. Check out "Set Up Your Box Office" section for more information about the equipment. Credit card reader is optional. You can manually enter the credit card information using your keyboard, however, a credit card reader speeds up the data entry.

How does it work?

Use the "Control Panel > Box-Office > Sales Page (POS)" or the direct link of https://www.ticketor.com/pos to get to the fast, touch-friendly, POS (point of sales) page, where you can quickly select tickets, sell them for cash, check or credit card and print them out on a thermal or regular printer, or email the e-tickets or keep them at will-call.

If the buyers email address is entered, they will receive the sales confirmation email. Depending on the delivery method you select, the confirmation email may or may not include e-tickets. 'Direct Delivery' is the default delivery method. 'Direct delivery' may or may not include the e-tickets in the confirmation email based on your configuration at Control Panel > Account & Settings > Delivery Methods.

To learn about running the application in kiosk mode, also known as single app or pinned mode, check out Running the Gate Control and POS app in kiosk mode


If the sales agent has the permission to send out invoices, they can sell tickets, merchandise or donations and send out an invoice to the buyer. The buyer, receives a confirmation email, WITHOUT tickets, with a link to pay the invoice. They can click on the link to make a payment or they can make a payment in-person at the point of sale. As soon as the invoice is paid, they will receive the link to access or print their tickets.

Full video and article on setting up box-office can be found here