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HvsZ Melbourne 3rd Annual Campout
The Zone

Enter The Zone!

Sometimes it’s what the media isn’t reporting that’s scary. There are unmarked planes and helicopters at Melbourne Airport. Military vehicles on the Calder Freeway. Roads into the township of Riddells Creek are all closed. No one can contact any of the residents.


But there may be a way in. He only calls himself The Recruiter you don’t know how he got your name but he tells you can get you into The Zone. Even though you never told anyone you wanted to go. He makes you promises, things no person can promise another. Still you’ve seen the lights and felt the pull of that place, of The Zone. What could it hurt to take a look?

The Vaguely Notourious HvsZ Melboure is at it again, bringing you the 3rd Annual Zombie Survival campout. On November 28th 8:00pm only the brave or the mad will journey into The Zone! 69 acres of bush and campgrounds located just 45 minutes’ drive or an hour’s train ride from Melbourne at Treetops Scout Camp, Riddles Creek. Over three days of non-stop Humans vs. Zombies action, inspired by the classic Russian science fiction novel “Roadside Picnic” by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky will you fight for survival, wealth, a new order or just to watch the world burn?



 There is a scrípted mission list for both humans and zombies allowing player choice and interaction with NPCs that can be allied, zombified or killed.. Players will be thrust into a dynamic open world where they will scavenge, fight, defend, raid, siege, betray and die.

Humans must prevent zombies taging on them, to do this human players use NERF dart blaster. When struck with a dart, zombies become stunned requiring them to return to a respawn point. Humans must also defend themselves from each other fighting over loot, darts, glory

As a zombie, a player goes from being the hunted to the hunter. By working as a team and purchasing powerful mutations, zombies seek to bring all players into the loving embrace of the horde. As we know it can be frustrating to be zombified early and not get to experience the human side so zombies will be able to purchase a ‘New Life’.

The New Life system will not only allow players to experience both sides of the events gameplay but using sophisticated statistical algorithms it will enable the control of the zombie population. This will create an organically increasing difficulty curve and prevent the humans from being wiped out prior to the conclusion of the event.

This will all be made possible by the event’s economic system; players will not be allowed to bring darts into the event. All darts will be provided by Humans vs. Zombies: Melbourne forming the basis of the economy for both humans and zombies as humans will need darts to defend themselves against zombies and zombies will need to gather darts to purchase mutations and a chance at a New Life.

The Zone is located at Treetops Scout camp 140 Royal Parade, Riddells Creek VIC 3431. There is plenty of parking at the edge of the zone. Furthermore, with the use of a simple Myki players can access a train that passes right outside the containment zone, stopping at Gisborne Station. Stealth shuttles have been acquired to transport individuals from the station to the Zone.


November 28th 8:00pm to November 30th 3:00pm

Tickets are not available any more on Humans Vs Zombies Melbourne. You may be able to buy tickets at the venue if available.

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