What is Humans vs. Zombies?
http://humansvszombies.org/ describes Humans vs. Zombies as “game of moderated tag played at schools, camps, neighbourhoods, military bases, and conventions across the world. Human players must remain vigilant and defend themselves with socks and dart blasters to avoid being tagged by a growing zombie horde.”


Are Modifications allowed?

Yes, as we are enforcing safety glasses for all players we allow many modifications. The power cap for blasters is 120 feet per second/ 36.6 meters per second, or roughly 95 feet/ 29 meters flat. Meaning firing a blaster parrelle to ground from shoulder height.

Can I bring my own darts?

 For safety and gameplay reasons we are asking all players to leave their darts at home. We will have a variety of darts available to players. These darts include, koosh darts, Nerf elite darts, rebelle darts, 6.5cm eva foam darts, and 7.2cm eva foam darts.

Can I use a blaster that does not shoot darts? ie vortex, Zing Bow, Agent bow, Demolisher rocket.

Players may bring and use their Demoisher foam rockets and Buzz bee berserker Foam rockets. These rockets will count as normal dart tags for game purposes, however more high fives and brofists usually occur for “rocket tags”.

For all other blasters/foam shooting projectiles please contact an administrator.

Can I get a discount if my friends and I buy our tickets in a group?

Human vs Zombies Melbourne, is not running this campout to make profit. HvsZ Melbourne, in attempt to make this amazing campout as financially accessible as possible, runs the campout at cost, leaving no room for discounts. Admins and moderators of the group are also required to pay for a full ticket.

I do not own a nerf blaster would I be able to borrow one?

HvsZMelbourne has a large armoury of foam firing goodness. Please contact an admin, at least one week before the game so we can set aside a blaster for you.  Many blasters can be scavenged within The Zone, so players can easily increase their fire power.

It says zombies can use foam swords, can I bring my own larp weapon?
Yes, infact we encourage players to bring their own larp weapons/ foam boffers. Zombies can mutate themselves to use them, and humans can use them to cut down fellow survivors who just insulted their mothers.

Can I bring socks or marshmallows to stun zombies?
No, while you are welcome to bring socks and marshmallows to wear and eat (or vice versa) they will not be able to stun zombies.

I am under the age of eighteen, can I attend this event?
Please have your parent or guardian contact an administrator.

What facilities are available?
TreeTops Scout camp is equipped with multiple toilet and shower blocks, and a large kitchen.

I am part of a business or community group that would like to be involved or have a stall at this event, what should I do?
Please contact an administrator.

I don’t have a tent, can I still stay at TreeTops?
Tents and sheltered sleeping areas will be made available to those without tents upon request. Please contact an administrator

Can I bring alcohol/cigarettes to the event?
Yes, in fact we’ll even let you drink/smoke them! But you cannot trade, sell or give alcohol/cigarettes to anyone else, or drink /smoke in non-drinking/ smoking areas.

Is it okay for me to film and/or take pictures during the camp?
Yes, as long as you respect the privacy of others and agree to allow any footage/pictures you take to be used as part of the camps documentary. Any footage/pictures that are used will be properly credited. Please contact an administrator.

What if I don’t think I can play Humans vs. Zombies for three days straight?
Neither could I! That is why players can eat, sleep and just have a break from play in the event’s safe zones.