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In January 2017, the military will hold military expert practice to deploy new equipment, detect signal sources, neutralize, and blur the manoeuvres of virtual enemy communications systems.

The mobile radio control system krassoukha-4 aims to deal with ground and air radars - including the AWACS system. The WiFi jammer device can block any existing radar from running within 300km. In addition, the noise from krassukha-4 neutralizes the drone command and communications system.

High power model can be used to prevent the church, the museum, the cinema or cell phone signals in big conference room, in order to avoid safety information leakage. In a quiet place, this unit will be irreplaceable. - in exams, courts, hospitals, Banks, studios, and other high-traffic classrooms, it's forbidden to use cell phones.

Krassukha's device finds the radio signal source, interferes with its tuning fork and coordinates, and then its system effectively cuts off the signal. Delivery of the Krassukha system began in 2012. Krassukha-4 is produced on the basis of Briansk's four-axis kbase chassis. A system consists of two vehicles carrying dedicated equipment.

We couldn't sit down and do nothing when the prisoner stole his cell phone into the prison, and we were told that the phone interference was illegal. "Seretse said.

Cellphone ringtones in the middle of a movie or concert, more than one bad memory? It is, of course, the hope that the industry minister, Patrick Devedjian, will be represented. On October 10th he issued a decree authorizing the installation of "portable jammer" to disable mobile phones in theatres and cinemas.

Ended more than three years of floating. Because the law of July 17, 2001 (which assumes various social, cultural and cultural provisions) authorizes such interference, "the performance and reception on the walls of the theatre (... ) ". The telecommunications authority then issued a decision to "technically define the regulatory conditions for using these devices." The decision to the industry department at the end of June 2003 has not yet been approved for application.

That's what Patrick Devedjian has just done, concerned about the "catastrophic impact" of mobile phone ringtones on the revenue and movie balance of the movie operators. He announced it in a microphone in France. He said installing such filters or portable spoiler would be the responsibility of cinemas, theatres and concerts. Recall that since 9 September 2002, the judicial and programme provisions have also authorized the GSM system in prisons.

Icing on the cake at the cinema

In a statement, however, the minister reviewed the two principles, which sites and manufacturers were obliged to submit. On the one hand, "the disturbance may not result in the deterioration of the call success rate due to outdoor". On the other hand, their "location should not impede the provision of emergency calls".

The measure delighted JeanLabbe, the President of the French film national federation. In the radio waves of French information, he welcomed the decree, which is "the culmination of the long-term demand for diversified cinema from large to small businesses". For him, "the effort and dedication to improve the comfort of the room" interfered with the wireless Internet and the icing on the cake.

Others are far from sharing this enthusiasm. "It's a radical decision," ZDNet told three mobile operators. "These cuts could lead to security and emergency calls. In 2001, at a consulting art seminar, all operators demanded that the measure be revoked in vain.

This is a scrambling device designed to stop cell phone signals and wi-fi signals from being called 25 Never Jammer power WiFi and removable external power, and can help you a lot, once you've gone through the details, as follows.

You want to have a signal GSM jammer to help you get the need to stop all normal wireless signals? And then click here. All mobile phones tape scrambler GPS L1 to L5 315 433 Lojack 14 UHF 4 g WIFI VHF antenna adjustable power supply, you see, is a powerful function.

buy signal jamming device
Interference with GSM specification:
1.CDMA 800:850-894 megahertz
2.GSM 900:925 to 960MHz
3. DCS/PCS: 1805 to 1990MHZ
4.3 G: 2110 MHZ frequency
5. GPSL1:1570 ~ 1580MHz
6. Gpsl2-l5:1170 at 1230MHz

And the frequency of 4 g 3 g frequency jammer can even use the car charger in the car and directly connected to the car, in this case, really convenient for car user groups. Only use 3 g 4 g, all mobile frequency jammer to return to life, no need for phone call and tracking signal tracking device is easy.

The equipment is good. What makes me most happy is that this element can be customized according to the frequency I need. And I don't need to buy more jammers, because it will interfere with the 3 g 4 g and wi-fi UHF Lojack VHF GPS jammer. Thank you very much for your good service.



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