Welcome to the Las Cruces Community Theatre. This Code of Conduct is designed to clarify the Las Cruces Community Theatre’s expectations on how members, performers, production staff, board members, and all volunteers must conduct themselves while involved in the activities of the theatre. By following this Code of Conduct, your reputation, and the brand and reputation of the Las Cruces Community Theatre, will be upheld and protected.

The Code also seeks to provide for a safe, enjoyable, and equitable environment for all, in the undertaking of their role within the Las Cruces Community Theatre.


The Las Cruces Community Theatre is committed to ensuring the integrity and highest ethical standards in respect of our members, our staff and our volunteers. Underlying this commitment is the need for the Las Cruces Community Theatre to ensure that all persons contributing to the success of the Las Cruces Community Theatre act with dignity, honesty, integrity, and with respect towards others.

How Does the Code of Conduct Apply To You?

Every member, performer, production staff, board member, and volunteer of the Las Cruces Community Theatre is expected to perform his/her role in accordance with this Code of Conduct.

Performers and production staff are expected to:

  • Participate, for the enjoyment you will receive through theatrical performance/volunteerism

  • Work equally for yourself and the production. The production will benefit and so will you

  • Abide by the principles of standard theatre etiquette

  • Abide by the guidelines of the Las Cruces Community Theatre as they apply,

  • Co-operate with the director, all members of the production team and fellow cast members

  • Commit wholeheartedly to the production, rehearsals, and activities

The Director

  • You have the responsibility for your cast and production team – exercise it.

  • Be reasonable in your demands on performers’ time, energy, and enthusiasm. Remember that they have other interests, jobs, families, and other demands on their time. Be flexible, when possible, to accommodate schedules/conflicts.

  • Teach your cast the principles of theatre etiquette, stage craft, and encourage gratification through achievement.

The Las Cruces Community Theatre will provide every member, performer, production staff, and volunteer with access to this Code online, at, and brief/advise volunteers, when needed/requested. If anyone has a question on the Code, they should consult any member of the Las Cruces Community Theatre board or Production Liaison.

This Code may be amended from time to time, where necessary. The Las Cruces Community Theatre will post changes/updates of the Code on the website,, and all volunteers will be expected to adhere to updates. This document is not designed to be exhaustive, but all involved in Las Cruces Community Theatre activities will be expected to uphold both the letter and spirit of the Code.

In addition to complying with the above, all are expected to:

  • Treat everyone with dignity and courtesy.

  • Be fair, considerate, and honest in all dealings with others.

  • Refrain from any behavior which may bring the Las Cruces Community Theatre into disrepute.

  • Display control, respect, and professionalism in all activities.

  • Observe proper rehearsal/meeting conduct and protocols.

  • Be courteous in dealing with other Las Cruces Community Theatre volunteers;

  • Control their temper: verbal abuse of others in the course of Las Cruces. Community Theatre activities is unacceptable. Do not behave in any manner, or engage in any activity, while on Las Cruces Community Theatre business which is likely to impair positive public perception of the Las Cruces Community Theatre and its members.

  • Abide with the code of conduct or conditions of use of the venue being used, if another space, outside of the theatre, is being utilized for rehearsals/activities.

Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Bullying

Members, performers, production staff, board members, and all volunteers are expected to respect the rights, dignity, and worth of others regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, ability/talents, cultural background, age, size, religion, or any physical or psychological disabilities.

The Las Cruces Community Theatre will not tolerate discrimination. Discrimination is any behavior or practice which reflects an assumption of superiority of one group (or individual) over another or disadvantages people on the basis of their real or perceived membership of a particular group and includes such behavior as less favorable treatment, unfair exclusion, and asking discriminatory questions.

The Las Cruces Community Theatre will not tolerate sexual harassment or inappropriate sexual conduct of any type. Sexual harassment is any unwanted, unwelcome, or uninvited behavior of a sexual nature which makes a person feel uncomfortable, humiliated, intimidated, or offended. Any sexual/coarse joking, purposeful physical exposure, or inappropriate touching of ANY volunteer under the age of 18 years old WILL be interpreted as sexual harassment by the perpetrator and are grounds for immediate dismissal or exclusion for any/all volunteer activities of the theatre, with the possibility of criminal charges if necessary.

Equally, the Las Cruces Community Theatre will not tolerate bullying. Bullying is behavior that intimidates, offends, degrades, insults, or humiliates another person. Bullying can be physical or psychological.

Examples of bullying include:

  • Aggressive or frightening behavior

  • Threats of assault against a colleague or damage to their property or equipment

  • Rude/hurtful/demeaning comments whether in person, in the form of gossip, in writing, or over social media

  • Using aggressive body language, gestures or deliberately blocking their path in an intimidating manner

  • Other purposeful actions or words that are intended to intimidate or psychologically hurt or diminish others

If anyone feels they have been discriminated against, bullied, or harassed in any way they should immediately contact the Director, Stage Manager, Production Liaison, or Las Cruces Community Theatre board member for immediate and confidential assistance.

Health and Safety

Everyone has the right to participate in an environment that is physically and emotionally safe.

Members, performers, production staff, board members, and all volunteers are asked to take responsibility for their own health and safety, ensuring that their actions do not risk the health and safety of others. All are required to take reasonable care at all times by following all lawful instructions from those in authority at the Las Cruces Community Theatre in its efforts towards providing a healthy and safe environment.

All hazards, accidents, or injuries must be reported to the Las Cruces Community Theatre representative in charge of the activity/production. All volunteers are responsible for their own medical expenses if injured at the theatre.

Alcohol and Drug Consumption

Illegal or prohibited drugs are not to be consumed by members, performers, production staff, board members, and volunteers while performing duties with the Las Cruces Community Theatre. Alcohol may be consumed off the property before or after rehearsals/performances to the extent it does not affect the comfort, safety, or performance of any member, performer, production staff, board member, or volunteer nor harm the reputation of the Las Cruces Community Theatre.

Consumption of alcohol is not permitted in the theatre except for during board approved private events, receptions, or other special events approved by the Board. At no time, is the underage consumption of alcohol ever allowed at LCCT.

In the context of this provision, anyone exhibiting signs of being intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol, or an illegal or prohibited drug may be prevented from commencing, recommencing, or continuing their activity at the theatre.


If anyone has a grievance or feels that they have been unfairly treated, they are encouraged to raise this issue with the Production Liaison or a Board Member for immediate and confidential assistance. The management of Las Cruces Community Theatre is committed to upholding both the letter and spirit of this Code and the mediation and resolution of any grievance in an expeditious manner.



  1. All cast and crew must respect the director's authority and accept instructions from the director.

  2. The Board will generally support any action by the director to maintain discipline up to and including dismissal of individual(s).

  3. If a director is notified of a complaint or issue, but is unable to resolve the matter, the Board will work with the director in such a manner as to protect the integrity of the theatre, the production, and the safety and protection of the cast and crew. This resolution may include the dismissal of the individual(s) at the center of the issue, and the individual(s) may be prohibited by the Board from working on or participating in any other LCCT production in the future.

  4. The director is responsible for discipline during a production. If any cast or crew member(s) have a concern or complaint of any kind, the issue should be addressed by following the chain of command as outlined in Section C, below.


  1. Once a show opens, the stage manager is responsible for the production and has the same responsibilities and authority as the director.


  1. If any cast or crew member has a safety concern or complaint, he/she should take the matter to the director. If the matter is not resolved, or the matter relates to the director, then the cast or crew member should take the matter to the Production Liaison.
  2. If a complaint is made by a cast or crew member directly to the Production Liaison or any member of the Board, that Production Liaison or Board member shall immediately notify the President, who may call an emergency Board meeting or emergency Executive Board meeting to address or take action on the matter.


  1. Smoking is prohibited on theatre property and no open flame is permitted backstage.
  2. For the safety of all cast and crew members, practical jokes and horseplay before and during a production are prohibited, as they can be disruptive, distracting, and dangerous.
  3. To avoid injury, crew members should not perform tasks not assigned to him/her, or operating theatre equipment on which they have not been trained, without permission from the director or stage manager.
  4. Any cast or crew member who notices that a prop is missing or broken, or a scenic element is broken, should notify the stage manager as soon as practical.


  1. Treat the theatre with respect, and keep the lobby, restrooms, dressing rooms, and seating area clean during rehearsals and the run of the show. The lobby, restrooms, and seating area will be professionally cleaned once before each show's opening.
  2. The cast and crew are responsible for keeping the backstage areas neat, clean, and orderly. Any damages to the theatre or to theatre property by any cast or crew member may result in the assessment of damages to the individual(s) responsible.
  3. To avoid damaging or losing props during the course of a production, cast and crew members should refrain from unnecessarily handling, moving, or playing with any props.
  4. All items purchased for a show from the director's show budget are the property of LCCT. The removal of theatre property without the approval of a member of the Board is prohibited.
  5. If necessary, the Board reserves the right to ban food and drinks from any area of the theatre if the space is not treated with respect. No open food shall be left in the theatre and everyone must clean up after themselves.
  6. Generally, the director is responsible for ensuring that the following duties are completed after every rehearsal, and the stage manager is responsible for ensuring that the following are completed at the end of every performance. Both the director and stage manager may delegate these duties to another member of the cast or crew.
    1. The light/sound booth lights should be turned off and the booth must be locked at the end of every performance or rehearsal.
    2. The theatre must be empty, appropriate lights turned off or dimmed, and the front and back doors must be locked at the end of every performance or rehearsal.


  1. Leave personal issues outside the theatre. All members of the cast and crew must be respectful of, and courteous to, each other and are expected to work together for the common good of the production.
  2. Cast members who have a question about their performance should take their question to the director.
  3. Cast and crew members should respect the belongings of other cast and crew members, and should not move other’s belongings without permission. Cast members should not borrow another cast member's makeup, hair products, or any other item without permission. Cast and crew members should keep their personal belongings in an allotted space backstage
  4. Cast and crew members should wear appropriate clothing for their duties and must wear shoes at all times during rehearsals and performances, unless being barefoot on stage is required for the show.


  1. No visitors are permitted at rehearsals without the permission of the director. Any visitors are expected to be unobtrusive and courteous. Rehearsals may be closed to visitors at the discretion of the director.
  2. Only cast and crew are permitted backstage during rehearsals, unless the director, the stage manager, or a member of the Board has given permission otherwise.
  3. Scripts are provided by the theatre for all shows. With the exception of musicals, scripts may be kept by cast and crew members as a souvenir of the production. If a cast or crew member loses his/her script, the script must be replaced, at the cast or crew member’s expense, in a timely manner.
  4. Musical scripts are rented and must be returned in good condition at the end of a production. Any notes written on the script or music book must be written lightly, in pencil only. If the theatre is charged for any marks or damages or missing scripts/music books, the cost will be assessed to the responsible individual.
  5. Cast and crew must report on time to rehearsals, and must adhere to the director’s deadlines for lines, props, costumes, etc. If a cast or crew member is going to be late to rehearsal, he/she must notify the director or stage manager as much in advance as possible.
  6. Cast and crew must notify the director, in advance, of any scheduling conflicts with rehearsals. Conflicts will be accepted only at the director’s discretion.
  7. All cast and crew must be quiet and avoid distracting other actors or crew during rehearsals and performances.


  1. Cast and crew are not permitted in the outer lobby after the box office opens (one hour before curtain), and must be backstage when the house opens for seating   (approximately 30 minutes before curtain).
  2. Only the director, cast, and crew are permitted backstage during performances.
  3. Cast and crew must report on time to call on performance days. If a cast or crew member is going to be late, he/she must notify the director or stage manager as much in advance as possible.
  4. Cast and crew may not alter any part of the performance without the consent of the director.
  5. All cast and crew are required to attend set strike immediately following the final performance.
  6. Personal possessions of cast and crew must be removed from the theatre as soon as possible after the close of a show. Items left five (5) days after a show closes, will be considered abandoned and will become the property of LCCT, to be disposed of at the Board’s discretion.


  1. Any minor children in a cast who are under the age of 16 are not permitted to go outside unless accompanied by an adult.
  2. Parents of any minors in a cast are not permitted backstage during rehearsals or performances without permission from the director or stage manager.


  1. No one is permitted in the upstairs costume shop without the approval of the Director, Stage Manager, Costumer, or member of the Board
  2. To protect the costumes, cast members must practice good hygiene, including bathing or showering, wearing deodorant, and wearing proper and clean undergarments.
  3. Cast members are responsible for hanging up their own costumes, unless it is a crew-assisted quick change.
  4. Cast members may not eat or drink anything other than water while in costume.
  5. Cast and crew may not modify or change a costume without first discussing any suggestions or concerns with the costumer and then, if the issue is not resolved satisfactorily, to the director.
  6. Changing a hairstyle/facial hair after being cast may affect the play/director’s vision. A cast member should not alter his/her hairstyle (including facial hair) in any way without first consulting the Director.
  7. Cast members must report any costume damage to the Stage Manager as soon as possible.


  1. All Volunteers for each production will receive two (2) complimentary tickets for any of the performances of a production. Complimentary tickets may be redeemed with valid code at

Modified by vote of the LCCT Board of Directors on April 16, 2019, and immediately effective on all future productions.