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Libertarian Leadership Foundational Seminar Portland Oregon

The age of the “Libertarian Thinking Organization” is over. Organizations like CATO, Mises, Independent Institute, Reason, etc. have given us white papers, educational videos, and the data/research needed to learn the principles of liberty. They have proven their worth and given us the mental ammunition to challenge the cult of the omnipotent state. However, the time for thinking is over, the time for massive action is upon us. Libertarian Leadership is a “Libertarian Action Organization.”

I have developed the most powerful and empowering Libertarian candidate and activist training the world has ever seen. Proven leadership principles, success psychology, and practical skills are jam packed into a full day seminar created to inspire, motivate, and elicit immediate action from participants.

Liberty is on the move and rapidly becoming the topic of choice. More and more people on a daily basis have realized something has to change and that the two party system is not the answer. It is up to an educated Libertarian activist base to show them that liberty is the answer.


ü  Learn how to leverage your time and efforts. 

ü  Confront your fears and achieve success.

ü  Become a recruiting and fundraising master.

ü  Empower your team to win elections.

ü  Build positive relationships in your community.


Those who have taken this course have learned to avoid the pitfalls that would have cost them thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. You can feel good about effectively communicating one-on-one or from the podium that transforms the mindset of your audience. The value that you will bring to the people is priceless. The proper development that you learn from this seminar will benefit you and the new candidates, activists, and supporters you recruit. There is so much more that you will learn and develop that will give you the skills to make history. We believe that this movement toward freedom is a perfect storm that we must take advantage of. 

Currently we are only offering our seminars live, on location. However, we are using the ticket sales to set up an interactive, online course system to allow Libertarians around the globe to get this training for free. Please donate to our organization here to expedite the creation of our online training system.

See you at the seminar.

Rise of the Libertarians.  

Tickets are not available any more on Libertarian Leadership. You may be able to buy tickets at the venue if available.

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