About Natural Selecta

Natural Selecta is an EDME (electronic dance music event) promoting organic health. The launch party is to take place at Intenso Espresso Bar on Portland Road on Saturday November 1st. Rave and promoting healthy life style choices? Sounds a bit strange, doesn't it? Well we are such group of people who are focused on heay bass vibrations as much as we are interested in raising our energy vibration levels. We do it with music, yoga, massage, meditation or dance! Therefore this new kind of nightclub experience will be also supported by various therapists who will be offering talks, workshops and taster sessions on the spot - free of charge. Our ethos is to create a sustainable alternative to social interaction in a nightclub context where people from all socio-economic backgrounds can experience and enjoy an alcohol, smoke and drug-free party atmosphere with sexy sub-heavy down tempo funk, house and nu-disco. All in all meaningful, soul touching music that keeps the, ex-80's rave generation (and beyond) high. The bar staff of Intenso Cafe Bar will be serving a selection of natural goodies such as RAW freshly squeezed juices, chocolate, mocktails and exotic specialTEAS as we like to call 'em. There will be no tricks, just treats! In fact first 20 guests will receive a special gift in the form of free entry, piece of raw chocolate and a CD mixed by the resident DJ Pete Shepherd. If you think you may feel a bit rough day after Halloween, don't worry! Perhaps this is the right place to be. We are on a vitality mission here, we are confident that we'll gonna sort you right up.



Remember, remember the 1st of November!!!!!!!!!!!



Join us here www.facebook.com/naturalselecta - Natural Selecta is growing Organically :)



Why to buy online?

  1. Purchase using your PayPalcredit card from the comfort of your computer:

    You don’t need to pay cash for tickets anymore and you don’t need to leave home to buy tickets. We accept major credit cards. So just login to Natural Selecta and purchase tickets on our secure website.
  2. Your plan has changed? Return your tickets.

    I am sure it happened to you before, perhaps last time you went to the post office to collect your parcel. There was a huge queue and you gave up on standing in the rain in order to get what you already paid for. The key to get it and avoid disapointment is to reserve your place early. But we understand that long term planning may not always work. If you purchase a ticket and find out that you cannot attend, we will be happy to refund for your tickets. Just discuss it with us, send us an email.
  3. Don’t worry about shipping & and shipping cost:

    You can print your tickets and go directly to the door or we can deliver your tickets at the Venue. You can pickup your tickets at Natural Selecta booth from 1 hour prior to the beginning of the event. So you don’t have to worry, tickets may get lost in post. 
  4. Last minute tickets.

    Is it the last minute? There is no more ticket available anywhere? Try to contact us, we may have a last ticket waiting just for you.
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