Open Forum Reading to Open our Season

4/9/2019 Jean Squires

Our Friend and Psychic Cheryl Spirit Woman Smith has offered to Open our Tour Season with an Open Forum 'John Edwards style' Reading. This will be on Saturday, April 27th starting at 7:30pm and ending at 9:30.  Space is limited to 20 participants.  You can read about Cheryl on her website using our link above.  Last October my great-grandfather Walker had a message for me that was very relevant to my family.  You never know who is going to show up.


Looking forward to an eventful season

4/9/2019 Jean Squires

We've been waiting all winter for our New Season to begin.  It seems like forever and we are counting the days to May 4th.  I've been very busy working getting the background work set up and of course, doing taxes.  Everyone is working together to plan the dates and come up with new events.  The Gravedigger is eager to tell the tales of the past and present and sharing the  evidence we and others have encountered. The time is near.  We will see you soon!


Open Forum Reading Night

9/7/2018 Jean Squires

We have a treat in store for you! This year we are hosting an Open Forum Reading Night.  Cheryl and Jennifer will be doing a group reading at 11pm at Rustik Sand Kandles.  The Veil between us and the spirit realm will be thinnest late at night.  It is easier for Spirits to come through and the best time to get messages from loved ones that have passed over.  We have seating for 20.  Tickets are $60.  The Night is October 27th. 


Our Psychic Hailey started last month

9/26/2017 Jean Squires

Hailey is now one of our Psychic Readers.  She filled in when someone wasn't able to come.  She is so well loved she decided to continue! We now have a Psychic for every Tour Night.  Thank you Hailey!  You make our circle complete.


Psychics Cheryl and Jodi are here!

8/3/2017 Jean Squires

Psychics Cheryl and Jodi have joined us to do Readings on our Tour nights.  We contacted them through our friend Cindi at The Purple Pickle in Kimmswick. We are so happy to have three amazing and unique women sharing their gifts with us.  Come out for a Reading and meet them.


New Psychic Michaela joins us!

5/25/2017 Jean Squires

Psychic Michaela Turner has joined us this year!  She has her own unique style of reading that is personal and enlightening.  You have got to meet her!


Cancelled tours due to weather April 29th

4/29/2017 Jean Squires

Tonight's tours and readings have been cancelled due to thunderstorms.


Psychic Loving Rose is Back!

4/26/2017 Jean Squires

Loving Rose is with us for Psychic Readings Saturday April 29th,  May 20th & 26th.  We are so happy to have her back.  Hopefully she will have more dates for us soon.  Come in for a Reading at Rustik Sand Kandles.


2017 Schedule

3/6/2017 Jean Squires

Our Schedule for 2017 is posted.  The tickets will be available shortly.  Pick your date and make your plans. 


New Location

3/6/2017 Jean Squires

We have a new location this season.  We have been invited to make Rustik Sand Kandles our home base.  It's at 252 Merchant St in downtown Sainte Genevieve across from Sirro's Restaurant.  It's the old Bakery building which happens to have a few resident ghosts.  Come in anytime and ask the owners about their housemates.


We are now doing tours all year!

11/4/2016 Jean Squires

We are now open all year! 


We will be doing groups of 5 or more during the winter season.


Call or email us to schedule your tour.


Go to our Contact Us page for info.



2016 Monstrosity Convention

8/20/2016 Jean Squires

We will be at the Monstrosity Paranormal Convention Friday and Saturday,


August 26 &27 at Missouri Botanical Gardens.  


Information is on our Paranormal link.  


Visit our table,  tell us you read this here and


save $2 per ticket on any Lantern Led Tour 9-10:30 pm.


Psychic Loving Rose

6/10/2016 Jean Squires

We are Very Happy to Announce the Addition of our Good Friend and Amazing Psychic


Loving Rose


to our team this season.


Tickets for her readings will be on our tickets page soon.


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