Many of our veterans find it extremely difficult to transition from military to civilian life. Missing the camaraderie and structure of military life, they often find themselves facing severe financial hardship and frequent bouts of PTSD. Homelessness is a constant threat. Female veterans find themselves isolated, with fewer options facing challenges unique to women.

Most military transition programs provided are geared towards men.  Life in a co-ed, military, transition housing facility is not a safe option. In one case, a woman experienced sexual trauma while housed in the same facility as a male sexual offender. The DOL, Women’s Bureau, found that "sex-segregated residential centers, staffed by qualified individuals who are sensitive to the needs of female veteran culture” was a top priority.

A study performed by HUD and the VA, female veterans were more likely to be homeless than their male counterparts were four times more likely to be homeless than their non-veteran sisters and often face domestic abuse and military sexual trauma. 

To help these women, Villagers for Veterans’ next major objective is ASHLEY'S HOUSE, a Lake County transition home providing a temporary, safe home for eight deserving women vets by providing job training, counseling and female camaraderie as they build self-sufficiency in a secure, loving environment.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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