Ticketor - How to: Running the Gate Control and POS app in kiosk mode

Running the Gate Control and POS app in kiosk mode

It is recommended to run the POS app (page) and Gate control app in Kiosk (single app) mode. While in kiosk mode, the app will be the only app accessible on the device, it will auto-run as soon as you turn on or log in to the device, it will run in full-screen and the app cannot be accidentally closed or sent to background. Also it prevents the gate checker or sales agent to accidentally turn off the Bluetooth or the network connection.

This features may vary a lot depending on your operating system and its version. So in this document we only cover the headlines and you can use simple Google search to find out how to perform that on your device.

Installing the web apps:

The POS page at https://www.Ticketor.com/pos and the Gate control app at https://www.Ticketor.com/gate are designed as browser applications and are compatible with any operating system and modern browser. We recommend you use them in Google Chrome.

When you browse to those pages, the browser will offer you to add the app to home screen. It will install the app in your app drawer or create a shortcut on your home screen so you can launch the app with one click on open it in their own dedicated window without browser extra options.

For gate control, you can instead use the Android or IOS native app called Ticketor Gate that can be downloaded from the store. The browser app and the native app are identical and you can use one or the other.

Running the app in kiosk (pinned) mode:

To find out how to run the app in kiosk mode, Google the solution for your specific operating system. For Android, search for 'pinning an app'. For IOS search for 'Guided Access' or 'Single App Mode'. For Windows 10, search for 'single-app kiosk'.