The Smart, Easy & Affordable Event Ticketing System
and Box-Office Solution
For event organizers, venues, theaters, stadiums, festivals, conferences, schools, ... of all types and sizes

With all the features that you need and love and no hassle

Integrated online ticketing and point of sales (ticket booth, retail location, over-the-phone sales)

Easy and quick setup (in minutes), low cost, full featured with full control

Powerful features such as seating chart designer, recurring event scheduler, flexible price levels & website builder

Greatest and most unique feature-set that you cannot find anywhere else

Great and free customer support

Fully branded and white-label with website builder and content management system (CMS)

With many successful implementations and case studies in the field, Ticketor is the only ticketing system that meets all your specific needs

Clear pricing with no hidden fees, best rate in the industry, no quotes required

Easy and quick setup with no expertise. Start selling tickets to your event in minutes.

Use it as a stand-alone page/site or embed it in your website or make it your official website

  New COVID-19 Features:
Ticketor supports online events, outdoor events with custom seating charts and events with social distancing that enforce certain distance between every attending group. read more


We have the greatest and most unique feature-set that you cannot find anywhere else. Ask us about your unique use-case.

Quick set up in minutes

Sign up now (1 minute), go to your new website, follow the walk-through or video tutorials, customize the website and create your event. You can go live and start selling in minutes.

Assigned Seat & General Admission

Powerful seating chart designer allows you to create any seating chart including amphitheater style, round-table (dinner style), restaurant / cabaret style, night club style or any combination and allows the buyer to pick their seat.

Single & Recurring Events - Packages, Season passes, Membership

Simply create any single event or use the powerful scheduler to create a recurring event, recurring classes or daily admissions.

Bundle the events into packages or create season tickets.

Online & Streaming Events
Live or On-demand

Create your online event, embed your streaming code from your favorite streaming app and Ticketor will take care of admission and monetization.

Easy solution to monetize your videos.

Direct money deposit as you sell

Use your own payment processor or PayPal or simply get a new on during the setup, and you will receive the sales money directly as you sell, before the event.

Buyers will see your name on their credit card statement not a 3rd party.

Non-profit or charity? Enjoy the non-profit rates for payment processing.

Best rate in the industry

We offer the best rate in the industry.

Premium plan: 2.50% + $0.00

or Standard plan: 2.90% + $0.49

No quote or contract needed.

Ticket booth and retail location sales

POS (point of sale)

Use the touch-friendly, POS (point of sales) page to sell tickets at your ticket booths or as many retail locations. Sell in cash, checks or credit / debit card. Print e-tickets or hard, thermal tickets and hand them out. Use credit card reader for faster operation.

Run your box-office with no extra equipment or use professional thermal printers and card readers.

Cash or check payments

Cash-Registers, Clock-In / Out functionality

Accept cash, check or credit / debit card in face-to-face transactions.

Define as many cash-registers and sales staff. Clock-in / clock-out functionality to control the cash registers balance.

Send Invoices

Sell tickets or merchandise and send invoices. The buyer will receive an invoice to pay and will receive tickets upon payment.

Over-the-phone sales

You and your sales staff can sell tickets over the phone and accept credit card. The tickets can be set to either get emailed to the buyer, or put in will-call booth.

Private and Restricted Events

Create private events or events protected by individual passwords per user or events available to certain group only. Limit the number of tickets per user. Change the privacy and restrictions of the event at any time to make the event public or remove the purchase limit at a later time.

Self-Service Upgrades, Exchanges & Returns / Store Credit

Set your upgrade, exchange and return policy and the buyers can upgrade their tickets, change the date, seat or performance or return their tickets in accordance and if allowed by your return policy without ever contacting you. You as the administrator can always perform exchanges and returns regardless of your return policy.

Give store credit and keep user balances.

E-ticket, print at home tickets, physical tickets

We support all delivery methods.

E-ticket (Show on your phone or print at home), will-call (Pick up at the venue or retail location), mail (post services), face-to-face (for ticket booth or retail location sales)

Use physical tickets or e-tickets.

Easily scan tickets using your own phone or professional devices

All e-tickets and physical tickets have barcode and QR-code. Simply use your smartphone or a professional barcode scanner to scan and admit the attendees.

Gate control app supports 'exit for re-entry' so you don't have to stamp the attendees.

Design with your own logo and branding (white-label)

Simply design and brand your site, upload your logo or background image or just select one of the pre-designed themes. Even move the site to your own domain. No technical expertise required.

Social media integration

Post and share your events on social media. Integrate them on your website. Allow Facebook login and start the sales directly from your Facebook page.

Encourage the visitors to share your events on their social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Accept all major credit cards and PayPal

The buyer can pay with any major credit card or PayPal and the money goes directly into your own bank account or PayPal.

You can also accept local payment methods, such as Venmo, iDEAL, Bancontact, Sofort

Flexible price levels & variations

Set as many price levels and price variations. We support multiple price-variations per seat. Create adult, kids, seniors, early-bird, last-minute, family, couples, group ... prices.

Ask Questions from buyers

Registration form

You can ask questions from the buyers. Such as choice of meal, age, ... or have them fill a form

Unlimited events and venues

No limit on the number of events, venues and seating charts. Run as many concurrent events in as many venues around the world.

Video and pictures

Upload flyers, video and pictures for your event, create beautiful animated banners, or create gallery pages of your pictures and videos.


Collect donations for one or more causes. Add donation to the checkout flow for all or certain events. learn more


Get good reviews for your events and service from verified customers while controlling and removing unreasonable ones.


We natively support most currencies including USD, CAD, EURO, GBP, AUD, .... so you can use Ticketor all around the world and for your international tours. Each event may have a different currency.

Mobile Friendly

Your website will be mobile-friendly and responsive out of the box. You can manage your events and buyers can buy on their phone. No additional app is needed.

Coupons & Promotion Codes

Create as many flexible coupons and promotion codes. Offer group discounts, package discount, time-based discount or individual discounts.

Mailing List

Use the free mailing list feature to send emails to all your mailing list members, or just to people who purchased certain event, with templates that are filled with the recipient's information.

Gift Cards

Sell gift cards in any custom amount and get cash flow and new patrons.

Store Online - Sell Merchandise

Sell merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, DVDs, membership ... in your online store.

Stand-alone Website Builder & CMS or Embed in your website

Use your Ticketor website as a stand-alone ticketing portal or your official website, or embed it in your website or WordPress site.

Ticketor is actually a website builder and content management system (CMS) as well!

User roles and access control

Create as many administrator users, sales agents, event organizers and gate controllers. Limit each user's permission.

Variety of reports

All the reports that you may need including financial reports, sales reports, admission reports and audit reports. All reports are live and real-time and can be downloaded.

Analytics, Ad tracking, and ROI

Use the analytics module to integrate with Google analytics or use the tracking feature to measure your ads ROI.

Documentations, Walk-throughs, Tutorials

Ticketor has intuitive design and there are various walk-throughs, step-by-step instructions and video tutorials to make sure anybody can easily get on board.

Great Customer Support

We offer great customer support through chat, email, Zoom and phone. We make sure that you can fully understand and use your site, otherwise, we don't make money :)

We assign to you dedicated, knowlegable support engineers, not level-3 call-center staff.

No long-term contract, Cancel at any time

No long term contract. Simply sign up, start selling in minutes and cancel the account or change your plan at any time, right from your dashboard.

We also offer contracted plans for clients who need a more long-term, contracted solution at better rates and VIP accomodation.

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Pricing in USD  change country

Easy pricing, no quotes, no hidden fees

Transfer all or any portion of the fees to the buyer

Standard Plan

All the features you need to sell ticket including unlimited venues and events, assigned seat and general admission

2.90% of your sales + $0.49 per ticket

No monthly fee - No setup fee - No hidden fee

Premium Plan Most Popular

All the features in standard plan plus white-label, website builder and more social media and promoting features

2.50% of your sales + $0.00 per ticket (Best rate in the industry)

Monthly fee: $32.95 (Pay Annually) - No setup fee - No hidden fee

Business VIP Plan

Need better rate, VIP accommodation and peace of mind through a long-term commitment? Check the Business Vip plan and apply here.

Pricing Considerations:

•  You can change your plan at any time from your dashboard (except for the Business VIP plan)

•  Ticketor gives you credit for the fees when you refund tickets or cancel events. Most ticketing platforms don't. Some, actually charge extra for the return transaction.

•  Ticketor charges based on the total amount of the invoice. It means that if you sell discounted or complimentary tickets, you pay fee based on the discounted price and not the original price.

•  Ticketor does not charge for any un-sold tickets.

•  Ticketor does not add any fees to your buyers.

•  You are the one who decides how much the buyer pays in charges (service fee) and you are the one collecting those fees. In other words, the fee that the buyer pays to you is not related to the fee that you pay to Ticketor. However, you can align the buyer fee to be equal to your Ticketor fee to transfer the fee to the buyer. Alternatively you can set the fee to any amount higher to make extra revenue, or any amount lower or zero to absorb the fee.

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