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The Hudson Milliner Art Salon

415 Warren St 

Hudson, NY 


The first round starts at 7:15 PM!



About The Event

The Hudson Milliner Art Salon is pleased to present Muscial Chairity, an evening of muscial chairs to benefit the Hudson Youth Center (It's been around since 1925 - a rich history that deserves being recorded and supported!)

How the Musical "Chairity" Works:
The game starts with 40 chairs. You can purchase a chair for $20 here. Every round of music a chair disappears. The person left without a chairhas to drop out.
The last two chair sitters win second & first prize:a smaller and larger embellished archival giclée print of a painted and collaged image from the vast archive of the Hudson Youth Center. 
Take Home a Piece of Art, Hudson History & Support the Youth Center!
All proceeds of ticket sales will go to the Youth Center.
20% of further sales of the Hudson Youth Center series go to the Youth Center



About The Art Salon

The Hudson Milliner Art Salon is a creative and collaborative art space featuring art and performance as well as the intersection of the two. We feature exploratory, edgy and political work.


About the The Hudson Milliner

The Hudson Milliner is the project of Shannon & Charlotta, two artists from Brooklyn who bought the building in search of an upstate abode they could escape to. In the process of renovating, the Hudson Milliner was born from the desire to bring the history and character out of the building and share the beautiful space with others. The top two floors were transformed from lifeless office spaces into four charming suites and the Milliner began taking guests in Fall of 2013. Right on Warren St in the midst of everything happening in Hudson, it's a lovely place to stay for an upstate getaway.