About Us

Humans vs. Zombies, or "HvZ", is essentially a game of gang up tag- with an insane twist!

In our game of Humans vs Zombies, there are two factions who are constantly battling for control. There are the Human Survivors, who are focused on fighting the infected and surviving to the end with the aid of dart blasters, and the Zombie Horde, whose sole objective is to spread the infection by tagging the survivors.

The Humans are easily identified by having a BRIGHTLY COLOURED bandanna tied around their wrists/arms and are usually seen wielding blasters to help stave off the Zombie Horde.

The Zombies are identified by their obvious craving for human flesh, as well as a BRIGHTLY COLOURED bandanna around their leg.

At the beginning of the event, there is a small number of "Alpha" Zombies who must spend the game infecting as many Human players as they can to grow the Horde until all Human Survivors are turned!

So, who will you side with?
Do you see yourself as a paragon for the human race?
Or would you rather see the world burn?

Human Vs Zombies Melbourne is an outdoor non-profit reacation group. Our first event in 2010 was one of the largest games of HvZs ever played, with over 10,000 active players, fighting for survival across the state of victoria.

Since then we have had two more successful weeklong events and two campout events, as well as  park games taking place every month.  

For more information of past games please vist http://www.humansvszombiesmelbourne.com