By using or visiting nvsorch, www.nvsorch.org Web Site, www.nvsorch.org and all its Affiliates, Agents, Representatives, Web sites and Sections ( hereinafter referred to as“ www.nvsorch.org Sites” or “we”/ “us”) for purchasing or reselling your ticket/s, from www.nvsorch.org Inc., its affiliates, Agents, (hereinafter, “www.nvsorch.org” ) you acknowledge that the following terms and conditions govern the use of www.nvsorch.org services and that you expressly agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and to follow all of them, and observe all relevant regulations and laws, governing this web site. In case you violate any of these terms, conditions or relevant laws or regulations, www.nvsorch.org may stop you from using its sites and services, prevent you from further use of www.nvsorch.org Sites, nullify and cancel the tickets you purchased from www.nvsorch.org Sites, and /or take necessary legal actions against you. Any violations by you will result in extinguishing of any and all potential obligations by www.nvsorch.org Sites and www.nvsorch.org Inc. to you. www.nvsorch.org and all its affiliates, agents, or representatives, reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of use at anytime it deems appropriate. Therefore, it is your responsibility to visit our site regularly in order to learn about the new terms and conditions.


By using www.nvsorch.org Sites and Services you acknowledge and warrant that all information you provided to us are true, accurate, updated, complete and correctly represented by you, your agents and or representatives (hereinafter,“You”,”Your”). You further, undertake that you will abide by all the laws and regulations and acknowledge that www.nvsorch.org will not be liable for any of your non-compliance with the laws. In case we cannot verify any information you provided or unable to authenticate any documents/ tickets you presented or not receive authorization of payment by your credit card or your bank account verification, we reserve the right to, and may cancel your ticket/s and prevent you from using www.nvsorch.org Sites and services.

The acts, conducts and languages that are prohibited on www.nvsorch.org Sites, are included but not limited to the following contents:
- Patently offensive to the public and viewers on-line e.g. contents that advocate or incite violence, breach of peace, hateful speech , racism, bigotry, injury or damages of any kind, upon any class, group, minority, person/s and minors.
- Promote, incite and cause harassment of any kind against minors, individuals or groups.
- Distributing, publishing and transmitting unsolicited emails, messages, spasms, junk letters and likes;
- Defamatory, libelous, slanderous, derogatory and false statement against any individual or groups;
- Misleading, false statement and statements that advocate or cause unlawful threatening, abusive conducts, acts or transactions;
- Abusive, threatening, obscene, indecent language and messages;
- Pornographic, morbid, shameful, sexual material in any kind or form;
- Publishing, republishing, transmitting, in any kinds or forms, the copyrighted music, literature, device, graphic, work, trade mark work and materials, belonging to another person, group or entities, with the scienter;
- Advocating, inviting or engaging in any commercial transaction or activities without our prior written permission and consent, contents including but not limited to advertising, barter, sweepstakes, and similar acts or schemes;
- Asking personal information from any individual under 18 years of age ) ;
- Engaging or exposing minors and individuals under the age of 18, in any way or manner by any means or methods in Sexual or violent material;
- Publishing any material or providing any guidelines or instruction for engaging in any and all unlawful conducts and activities, including but not limited to, buying or selling illegal materials, substances, objects


www.nvsorch.org honors the privacy of all of its users. The following terms and conditions will be subject to the Privacy Policy herein, incorporated by reference. www.nvsorch.org will not be responsible or liable for any use or disclosure of your contact information, or financial information by a third party to whom www.nvsorch.org is permitted to disclose your contact information under the Privacy Policy. www.nvsorch.org will treat, any User Content that You have posted to www.nvsorch.org Site, through electronic mail or other means, as Non-Confidential and Non-Possessory/Proprietary to You, including but not limited to the information provided to the www.nvsorch.org Site, and through sections of www.nvsorch.org Site that are used to make such information available to the public, (including user reviews, bulletins etc). Information that is posted to www.nvsorch.org Site will not be subject to the Privacy Policy and may be publicly presented and disclosed or used by www.nvsorch.org or other persons or entities. By providing information or posting user contents to www.nvsorch.org, You agree and authorize Us to use such information, or permit others to distribute, reproduce or use such information. You agree not to post any information about yourself on www.nvsorch.org Site that can .be used to identify or contact You . Information like, Your name, Your home address, phone number, email address, business address and alike, if posted by You on www.nvsorch.org Site, could put your privacy and safety in jeopardy and we are unable to prevent it from being used in a manner that violates these Terms, the laws and regulations. By posting such information on www.nvsorch.org Site, You have notice that you have violated these Terms and assumed the Risk and Sole Liability for the results and consequence of such posting. You undertake not to post such information on www.nvsorch.org Site.
(In case You post tickets on Resell Tickets through the posting process application to licensed resellers, some of Your contact information may be displayed to the public.).

www.nvsorch.org accepts no liability and is not liable for any lost information or data as the consequence of using and operation of www.nvsorch.org Site or the carry-out and enforcement of the Terms and Conditions. www.nvsorch.org highly advise all its users to keep their own back up versions of any information or contents they provide to www.nvsorch.org Site.


www.nvsorch.org will prohibit any unlawful use of www.nvsorch.org Sites and will terminate any and all privileges of any user who uses www.nvsorch.org Site for any unlawful purpose or to illegally transmit copyrighted materials without an express permission, license, valid exemption, consent or defense, especially if the users of www.nvsorch.org Sites, submit to this site, articles, photos, graphics, stories, or other materials capable of being copyrighted, such users must make sure that the content they upload, does not violate any rights nor infringe upon any copyrights of third parties, trademark, trade secret, publicity rights of others. When the holder of any copy right or its agent informs us about such infringement, and after the court orders or admission by the user that he/she has used www.nvsorch.org as a mean for illegal infringements, we will terminate the privileges of such user.

You agree not to have any claim against www.nvsorch.org, its affiliates, officers, agents, employees and parties, in privity of contracts, for any loss, liability, damages, made by any third party arising out of use of www.nvsorch.org Site, in any kind or manner.
You Expressly agree that www.nvsorch.org will not be liable to You for any Direct, Indirect, Special, General, Compensatory, Consequential, Exemplary, Incidental, or Punitive damages, or for Lost Business Opportunities, Profits, Revenues, pertinent o the use of www.nvsorch.org Site.
www.nvsorch.org disclaims any and all liability for the acts, omissions and conduct of any third party user/s, advertisers and/or sponsors on www.nvsorch.org Site, in connection with the www.nvsorch.org services or related to the use of the www.nvsorch.org Site. www.nvsorch.org is not responsible for the products, services, actions or failure to act of any Venue, Performer, Promoter or other Third party, related to or referenced on the www.nvsorch.org Site.
Content of www.nvsorch.org website is for general information and use and is subject to change without prior notice. www.nvsorch.org does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information posted on www.nvsorch.org by us or any of our partners. It is your responsibility to check and validate all these information.
www.nvsorch.org and all its affiliates and Agents, do not represent that www.nvsorch.org Site will be without any error, nor it guarantees that it will provide particular results from using www.nvsorch.org Site or any of its contents, search or links on it. The services, www.nvsorch.org Site and all of its contents are made available to You only on an “AS -IS” basis. www.nvsorch.org is not guaranteeing that www.nvsorch.org Site or the files you download there from, are virus-free or not contaminated. www.nvsorch.org Disclaims all Express and/or Implied Warranties, including Implied Warranty of Merchantability, Fitness for Intended Purpose. www.nvsorch.org will not be liable for any errors or damages resulting from the use of www.nvsorch.org Site, including but not limited to Direct, Indirect, General, Special, Incidental, Punitive, compensatory and consequential Damages. www.nvsorch.org and www.nvsorch.org Site do not make any representation or promise nor guarantee that You will receive any particular or specific results from using www.nvsorch.org Site or www.nvsorch.org’s services. So use www.nvsorch.org at your own risk.
www.nvsorch.org website may include links to other websites. This does not mean that we endorse these websites. www.nvsorch.org has no responsibilities for these websites.
You agree that in case of any harm or loss, arising out of Your use of www.nvsorch.org Site, including your use of www.nvsorch.org Site to provide link to another site or to upload content or other information on www.nvsorch.org Site, YOU SHALL INDEMNIFY and hold www.nvsorch.org and its Agents & Affiliates and each of their Officers, Employees, Contractors and Principals, FREE From any Claim, Demand, Loss, and Liability, including, Attorneys” Fees, made by any third party.


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