About Platinum Events

Platinum Events is the fast, easy and safe way to find and purchase tickets. You can get information and buy tickets online in a few minutes.

Why use Platinum Events

  1. Choose Your Seat:

    You can see the map to all seats and choose the best available based on your budget and preferences. Our automated search can also help you find the best available seats.
  2. Purchase using your credit card from the comfort of your computer:

    You don’t need to pay cash for tickets anymore and you don’t need to leave home to buy tickets. We accept major credit cards. So just login to Platinum Events, find your seats, and purchase tickets on our secure website.


  3. Don’t worry about shipping & and shipping cost:

    You can print your tickets and go directly to the door or we can deliver your tickets at the Venue. You can pickup your tickets at Platinum Events booth from 1 hour prior to the beginning of the event. So you don’t have to worry if the post office will be late or the tickets may get lost.
  4. Experience:

    With experience of more than 15 years of Concerts and Concerts Management bringing you the biggest names in the Middle East such as Tamer Hosny, Wael Jassar, Ragheb Alama, Omr Diab, Najwa karam, Ihab Tawfik, Hadi Aswad, Hosam Jneid, Joseph Attieh, Ma fi Metlo and many others. 

    With our experience and management skill, you are guaranteed to have alife time experience with every concert we host.