About Us

Rossport Farms Guitars by the Sea is a small-summertime destination outdoor music event with a distinctive flair for the adventurous, scheduled , Saturday, August 9, 2014. Executive Producer and veteran entrepreneur, Ross Furman, the event host and organizer, offers a weekend that is sure to inspire listeners to hear and see the world with a fresh perspective. Rossport Farms is a 64 acre salt water farm nestled on the coast of Cobscook Bay in the vibrant community Eastport, Maine.


Rossport Farms, is our amazing weekend getaway is only hours away from Bangor, Portland and St Johns NB. We believe music can be a powerful force for positive change. We believe that small community festivals can be a big part of the music industry of the future: a way to use tourism to fund arts and cultural initiatives, to combine an incredible music event in a beautiful place and use it to promote something good in the neighborhood. Rossport Farms Guitars by the Sea offers an adventurous inspired weekend to hear and see the world with a fresh perspective.


Tickets for Rossport Farms Guitar by the Sea. We offer fast, easy and safe way to find and purchase tickets. You can get information and buy tickets online in a few minutes. www.rossportfarmsguitarsbythesea.com

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    You don’t need to pay cash for tickets anymore and you don’t need to leave home to buy tickets. We accept major credit cards. So just login to Rossport Farms Guitar by the Sea, find your seats, and purchase tickets on our secure website.
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    You can print your tickets and go directly to the door or we can deliver your tickets at the Venue. You can pickup your tickets at Rossport Farms Guitar by the Sea booth from 1 hour prior to the beginning of the event. So you don’t have to worry if the post office will be late or the tickets may get lost.