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Schedule a Demo / Support Session

Thanks for your interest in Ticketor.


Please use the calendar below to schedule your on-on-one demo or support session. 


Please note that:


  • All times are in PDT (Pacific Daylight Time). Make sure to convert to your time zone and be considerate of the time. 
  • The sessions are for 1 hour and are done through remote-desktop.  
  • At the scheduled time, browse to www.Ticketor.com and chat with your sales agent. You will be provided with a link that allows your agent to connect to your computer. 
  • Make sure to use a desktop or laptop computer. Tablets and phones are not recommended for the remote assistance purpose.


How does it work?

  1. At the scheduled time, login to your website from a computer or laptop (no phones) and chat with your support engineer who is waiting for you
  2. They will send you the link to start the remote session so they can see and gain control of your computer and talk to you

It feels like they are sitting next to and so you can talk to them, ask questions or consultation, have them show you different areas of the site or set it up for you while you are watching and participating.


What can they help with?

In short, everything about your Ticketor website:

While you are watching and participating, you can ask them to:


  1. Show you different features and how everything works
  2. Set up your site, event, seating chart, payment processor, etc.
  3. Design your site or match it with another website that you own
  4. Explain how things work, what are the best practices or consult them
  5. Set up your site and event end-to-end