Bluetooth Barcode Scanner - Black
Bluetooth Barcode Scanner - Black

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner - Black

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  • Support IOS, Android, Windows and any Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Can scan barcode from the printed tickets as well as from most phone displays (no need to print the tickets)
  • Simply pair it with your IPhone, Android or Windows device (phone, tablet, computer) and scan the barcode on the tickets.
  • The device transmits the barcode to your device and your device will validate it to make sure it is a valid ticket and it has not been used before (Not duplicated).
  •  You can simply attach this barcode scanner to your phone using a double-side, removable mounting square sticker

What else do you need for barcode scanning at the gate?


You will need a Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet or laptop. For online validation (recommended) you need the device to be connected to reliable internet. 

Check out the Barcode Scanner + The Android Device combo here.




It is a small, thin and easy to use barcode scanner optimized for smartphones. The CHS Series 8 is easy to attach to your smartphone when in use and easy to detach and slip in your pocket when not in use. Weighing only 1.7 oz. (48 g), it's the lightest barcode scanner on the market that can be attached to a smartphone in a sled-type scanning solution.



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