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Welcome to Splash and Play ticket purchasing site for all up coming events and programs. 

Here you will be able to order your ticket to ensure entry into your child's Splash and Play program.

Tickets are half price for a child's first session and full price for their next session, charges apply to children 6 months to 5 years of age.

Parents are requested to stay with their child during the duration of the session, it is also advised that Splash and Play is suitable for children's 6 months to 5 years of age, due to the nature of the activities,however if parents have a child younger than 6 months they are able to stay and partcipate at no charge as long as they are supervised.

Splash and Play is a messy fun program, set with different themed activities that are provided to encourage and support creativity, imaginitive play and discovery in sensory, fine motor and language development. All activities are open ended experiences which means that their are no rules how your child chooses to play at each play station, this is a welcoming and free to explore program.

Lastly this is a messy program, towels and splash mats are provided, but parents are advised to bring spare clothes or put your child in clothes that you won't mind geting dirty.

For any further questions please contact Elizabeth:0423373828 or at splashandplayinfo@gmail.com

Kind regards.


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