Upcoming events by: Stage Crafters Community Theatre


NEW!!!  We now have a new ticketing system and it allows you to reserve your choice of seats, purchase season tickets, gift cards, and tickets to any show at any time of the year.  You must enter an email to use our ticketing system so your ticket proof of purchase can be emailed to you.  If you do not have an email you can still buy tickets at the door the night of the show, but we recommend on-line purchase to avoid lines.

We are only selling season memberships and tickets for Baskerville at this time as we dont know what the status of the seating will be for our future shows until we see how the Covid recovery progresses. Seating choices are limited for the first show and are only available from the ends of the rows.  Two seat spacing or an aisle will automatically be added between your party and the next available seat in your row once you purchase the tickets.