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While most ticketing websites charge much higher fees for selling tickets, TICKETSARA offers the most competitive price. Some ticketing services may charge you (the promoter) for the fees, while some others may advertise that it is free for you and in this case they charge the buyer for the fees. At TICKETSARA we leave the decision totally to you. You may decide to pay the fees by yourself, or transfer all or part of it to the buyer.

Cost Calculator (Sample*)

Ticket Face Price:                $10.00

TICKETSARA Fee (3.5%):    $0.35

Merchant account charges (2.9% + $0.30 - Charged by PayPal/merchant account, not TICKETSARA): $0.59


Total Fees: $0.94

Set the service charge to $0.94 to break even the costs.

* Fees and charges may be different for your event. To get an accurate quote, please use the form below.

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