Upcoming events by: 244th Marine Corps Birthday Ball


The observance of the Marine Corps Birthday, on or around the 10th of November each year, is a time-honored tradition among Marines.  Whether Marines are in the thick of battle or at peace and stateside, they always take a moment to observe the birth of their illustrious Corps.


1st Battalion 1st Marines is proud to share this unique event of history, tradition, and ceremony that few get to experience. Please join us on 22 November 2019 at Penchanga's Resort Casino in celebrating the Marine Corps' 244th birthday. 


Guest of Honor

Sergeant Major John L. Canley born 1 February 1938 is a retired United States Marine and recipient of the U.S. military's highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, for action in January/February 1968 during the battle of Huế. At the time of this action, Canley was a Gunnery Sergeant with Company A 1st Battalion, 1st Marines.  Sergeant Major Canley was originally awarded the Navy Cross, but this was upgraded to the Medal of Honor which was presented on 17 October 2018.



The Birthday Ball is one of the biggest events on the Marine Corps calendar. It is a chance to enjoy the evening of tradition and celebrate the history of the Corps. 


As the Ball is a formal affair both Marines and guests are expected to behave appropriately and follow rules of proper etiquette. If you are attending the Marine Corps Ball for the first time you are sure to have many questions running through your mind. What should you wear? How should you behave? What does ‘proper etiquette’ mean anyway? 

  • Do wear something appropriate for the occasion. A simple way to choose an outfit is to base it on the uniform your service member is wearing. As Marines will be wearing their Dress Blues, female guests should select an ankle-length gown to match the formality of the dress uniform. Male guests should wear a suit and tie or tuxedo.
  • Do be respectful of tradition. One of the highlights of the evening is the ceremony.  This usually lasts around an hour and involves a cake cutting ceremony, speeches, the reading of Gen. John A Lejeune’s birthday message, and a birthday message from the current Commandant. Make sure you are seated before the ceremony begins and refrain from texting or talking while the ceremony is taking place. During these sequence of events the doors will be closed, please refrain from entering or exiting the ballroom until the conclusion of the ceremony.
  • Don’t drink more than you can handle. While the Birthday Ball is intended to be a fun occasion it is still a professional event for Marines.  Give yourself a limit for the number of drinks you will have and be sure to space them out throughout the evening. If you do decide to drink, please consider booking a room ahead of time or having a plan to get home safely.
  • Do be polite. Always remember to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, and address others as ‘Sir’ or ‘Ma’am’.
  • Do remember to have fun. The Marine Corps has a proud and illustrious history. While it is important to be on your best behaviour at the Ball don’t forget the purpose of the evening; to celebrate the Corps and all of its accomplishments.


30 Rooms will be blocked for reservation at Pechanga's Resort Casino the night of the event.  Rooms will be at a discounted rate of $199+12% tax.

Childcare will be provided for the night of the event at $12 per child.  Select a childcare ticket when checking out to ensure a spot is reserved for your child.


Pechanga Resort Casino

45000 Pechanga Parkway

Temecula, CA 92592