Rosie Glasgow.


Stars of the sky, you are pulled down to earth as I stand, shoulders flung back staring at you. I can see the world changing before my own eyes, the blue star so pretty you are falling to me. As I stare through the ages people are speaking to me from the other realms and dimensions prevalent in this universe. All I need to do to converse with these people is to stare and to meditate on the beautifully bright light shining down upon me.


Stars of the night you are flying away from me. Spiralling out of control I feel so alone suddenly free from my gravity I am immersed in the darkness of wonder. I know where I am but I am nowhere to be found, oh stars of the night come back to my vision. In the flash of an eye I am staring at the entire universe from afar. So where do I stand to see such a sight?




Just glad that you are back in my life,

You who are so embracing and divine,

You for whom I count my blessings each day,

And you who has solved problems in my soul.


To whom I speak each day and each night,

For you love is tender and is true,

I keep my face forever facing towards you,

Because I know the foretelling the prophecy becomes.


I battled because I thought it was what you wanted,

I fought because you told me to,

And I stopped when in a blank you left me,