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Business VIP Plan

Besides our Standard and Premium plans, Ticketor offers Business VIP Plan, to select businesses. This plan is specifically for higher volume and professional clients. 

It is an optional loyalty plan that gives you better and fixed rates, peace of mind, VIP accommodation, greater support, customization, training, data transfer and other benefits and perks in exchange for your loyalty and long term commitment.

Here are the highlights of the plan:

  1. 10% discount on the Annual Premium plan's monthly fee and you get to pay the fee on a monthly basis instead of annually. Your monthly fee will be $29.66 instead of $32.95
  2. 5% discount on Annual Premium plan transaction fee. Your transaction fee will be 2.375 instead of 2.5% (lower rates may be available for higher volume clients)
  3. Dedicated account manager, consultant and support engineer. Access to VIP support through Zoom, Chat, Email and Phone Calls
  4. No rate increase during the terms of the plan. This plan makes sure that your rates are not affected by inflation or rate increases that have hit the industry.
  5. Free annual process, design and setup check-up session to make sure you are making the best and most efficient use of Ticketor and use all the features in the most optimize ways.
  6. Feature-requests. You can request features or enhancements that you like to see in Ticketor and that will make Ticketor best meet your specific needs and help save you time and money. Even-though feature-requests are not guaranteed but we do our best to accommodate your requests.
  7. Heavily discounted or waived fees for implementation and data transfer
  8. Training and on-boarding session
  9. Setup and design help
  10. You agree to exclusively use Ticketor for all your online ticketing and box-office use during the term of the plan which is between 3 to 5 years based on your preference.

COVID-19 Relief Package:

As one of the benefits offered to Business VIP clients and to help the events industry during the hard financial situation caused by COVID-19, Ticketor waives all your monthly and transactional fees till the end of 2020. It means that you can use the system, totally free of charge.

We have very limited capacity for this package and the availability is on a first-come-first-serve basis. We may stop offering this package at any time.

How to apply:

If you are ready to make the commitment, please fill out the application form below accurately and we will get back to you soon. If you get approved, you will receive a contract to sign. The contract can be signed online.