Ready to Launch

10/25/2017 Angelique Scoboria

Space Rocket Launching


This has probably been the scariest and most exhausting adventures I have ever taken. That’s right. Not pregnancy. Not climbing to the top of various trees when I was a kid. Not white-water rafting. Not my first job interview.


This. This new business. This new venture. This has been the most nerve-wracking experience of my life.


Kristina and I hatched this plan some 5 month ago when we were organizing field trips for our local homeschool group and received some overwhelming responses to some trips that we created. We also saw how some of our friends were scammed out of money on some Facebook Group Pages and knew that there had to be a better, more secure way to plan for and pay for educational trips for our families.


So, now after many starts and stops, emails, red tape, phone calls, second guesses, more red tape, excitement, tech problems, just soooo much red tape, and finally a beautiful, working website we are ready to launch Educational Event Planners, INC. aka EEP!, inc!!!!!!


On you will find vouchers and tickets to various educational events and organizations throughout the state of Florida. We have been working hard to find experiences that touch every area of our beautiful state and that vary in what they offer. As of now, you will find discounted vouchers to Skeletons: Museum of Osteology in Orlando, discounted vouchers to We Rock the Spectrum - Jacksonville offered on specific days, and guided tours and activities in St Augustine that focus on the Spanish History or Pioneer History depending on which Saturday you pick.


We will add more and more vouchers and tickets all the time.


We want to thank our families and friends for all the support that they have given us these last several months and the businesses that decided to go ahead and take a chance on a couple of super ambitious mommies.


If you are interested in doing business with us, please email


If you have any questions, please email us at