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Educational Event Planners, Inc. is your source of unique and educational field trips and studies. We serve home school groups, co-ops, public school families, umbrella and private schools, and even specialty trips for adults-only looking to further their knowledge of the world around them.


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We provide families, co-ops, groups and schools a service where they can purchase vouchers and tickets for themselves to educational events at amazing prices. Many of these venues require a large number of people to be guarenteed to attend, so families, small co-ops and small groups who have not previously been linked up with a group large enough to secure these trips can rely on us to get them into these special events.


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We give our Educational Event Providers a platform to showcase their fun and educational experiences to a large audience who value the services they have to offer. We allow them to tailor events that are only offered to Educational Event Planners, Inc. and request that they stay within our mission of encouraging lifelong learning by providing educational experiences for individuals and families that allow them to further explore the communities that they live in. 


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Why use Educational Event Planners Inc.?

•Purchase fun and educational vouchers and tickets at the best prices we can offer using your credit/debit card from the comfort of your computer.

•If the event is assigned seat, you can pick your seat on the interactive seating chart

•Fast and easy delivery. You can simply print your vouchers and tickets at home or show your e-vouchers/tickets on your phone to easily get admitted


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Educational Event Planners Inc. DOES NOT sponsor, endorse or assume ANY LIABILTY that may arise out of your attendance to any of these event vouchers you may purchase through EDUCATIONAL EVENT PLANNERS INC.,. When purchasing your event voucher through our website, social media platforms or call centers you understand and acknowledge this.