Ticketor - How to: Advertise your events / show ads and make money

Advertise your events / show ads and make money

Join the Ticketor ad network.

There are 2 options for joining Ticketor ad network. You can select one or both:


Option 1: Promote your events through Ticketor ad network on Ticketor and our partner sites.

Why Use Ticketor Promotions?

  • Only pay when you sell. No "Pay per click" charge. No "Pay per view" charge. No in-advance charge and no guess work.
  • Pay only a percentage of the sales that you wouldn't make otherwise.
  • Reach to new audience and potential customers.
  • New customers will get added to your mailing list so you get future sales at no cost.

Option 2: Make money by showing ads on your website.

To join Ticketor ad network for either or both options use "Control Panel > Account & Settings > Site Settings > Ads & Promotions"

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