Ticketor - How to: Tips on Creating Events with Safe Distancing Due to COVID-19

Tips on Creating Events with Safe Social Distancing Due to COVID-19

Events with social-distancing - Online events - Outdoor events due to covid19

If you are required to enforce safe distancing in your event, Ticketor provides all tools you may need.

This section assumes you are familiar with creating events on Ticketor. If not, click here to learn about Creating an event on Ticketor

General Admission Events

If your event is general admission, all you have to do is to reduce your Price Level's capacity to ensure that you are not selling tickets over what your venue can accommodate considering the safe distancing or you can set the Capacity Cap to enforce the capacity across all the price levels

Theater-style events

If your event is assigned seat with an amphitheater style seating, you may need to add some empty seats between each attending party.

To do so go to the 'Edit Event' page for the event, go to 'Tickets Tab' and set the 'Seats between each party' to the number of seats you need to leave between each party to adhere to safe distancing. When the buyer tries to purchase the tickets, the system will consider those extra seats and automatically enforce that while helping the buyer in selecting their seats.

If you need to leave vacant rows between parties, for example, you want to leave one row vacant after each row, simply do not add tickets for those rows. In other words, add tickets to row 1 and 3 but don't add tickets to row 2 and 4.

You can also set the “maximum party size”. To do so, edit each price level or variation and set the “Maximum number to purchase” to the maximum party size.

If you are concerned that you are going to have a lot of wasted seats because of the social distancing blocked seats, you can restrict the buyers on how they can pick their seats. For example, you may want to not allow buyers to pick seats in the middle of a row and limit them to the left and right side of the aisle. To do so, from the “Details” tab > “Options” section, “seating chart” box, choose the proper option.

You can always unblock the automatically blocked seats from the “Add/Update tickets” page.

Round-table / cabaret-style events

For round-table events, you may want to make sure that the whole table is being purchased by 1 party only and so the parties cannot share tables.

To do so, edit the price level / variation and set the “Minimum number to purchase” to the size of the table.

Timed-events (events with time-slots)

Recurring events, with time-slots, that can be used to limit the visitors to an event or activity are explained in details at the following blog and video:

How to create recurring events, classes or booking system with time-slots, using Ticketor

Seated Outdoor Events

Ticketor provides a state-of-the-art seating chart designer tool that allows you to create any type of seating chart including theater-style, round-table, cabaret-style or any combination in a matter of minutes and free of charge.

This feature allows you to make use of an outdoor area, like a backyard, park, beach, ranch or parking lot, and move your events outdoor.

Online Events

Ticketor supports online events, both live streaming or on-demand. You can use Ticketor along with your favorite streaming provider to sell tickets, do gate control and admission and stream your event online or monetize your videos.

How to create ticketed online event (live streaming or on-demand) or monetize your videos

Capacity Cap

In all type of events, you can specify a maximum capacity to ensure not more than certain number of tickets are sold across all the price levels and regardless of the seating arrangement.

To do so go to the 'Edit Event' page for the event, go to 'Tickets Tab' and set the 'Capacity Cap' to the maximum number of tickets you want to sell.

Outdoor Events

Considering the COVID-19 situation, it may be safer and less restricted to move the events outdoor, in a parks or an open area.

Taking the events outside of the theaters and auditoriums with standard pre-defined seating charts, requires a ticketing system that allows you to build any custom seating chart in a timely and economic manner

Ticketor's state-of-the-art Seating Chart Designer Tool, allows you to build any seating chart including the theater-style, round-table, night-club style or any combination of them, in minutes and for free.

Take advantage of this valuable feature and consider planning outdoor events to combat the COVID19 restrictions.