Ticketor - How to: Creating an event

Creating an Event

Creating events on Ticketor is fast and easy. To add your event use the "Control Panel > Events & Venues > Events" and click on the New Event button. Alternatively, you can click on the Add Event button on your home page.


Later on, to edit your event use the "Control Panel > Events & Venues > Events". Find the event in the list, and click on the icon to edit the event. Alternatively, as a shortcut, if the event is showing up on your home page, you can hover your mouse over the event and use the "Edit Event" link.

There is a Walk through that pops up and guides you through the steps. Make sure to use it. You can always open the walk-through from the right side of the screen. To complete the event, use the walk-through or continue reading.

COVID-19 Notes:

After reviewing this section about creating an event, you can checkout Tips on Creating an Online Event and Tips on Creating Events with Safe Distancing Due to COVID-19

Steps to Create Events

  • Enter event details, optionally upload pictures and videos.
  • Select an existing venue or create a new one.
  • If your event is assigned seat, you will need to design the seating chart for the venue
  • Define your pricing structure and charges by creating "price levels" and "price variations"
  • For assigned seat events, add tickets to your event on the seating chart

Please note that venues and seating charts are independent of events and can be reused in as many events. As a result, when creating a venue or seating chart, there is no concept of events or pricing.

Event creation page consists of a few tabs. Fill out the information in each tab, save and continue to the next tab to complete the event.

Information Tab

Start with entering event's general information such as event name, date, venue etc.

Seating Type

Select the events seating type:

  • General Admission (first-come, first-serve) or Standing: Select this option if you don't want seat numbers on your tickets and your event is either standing, or first-come-first-serve. You can still have different sections and price levels.
  • Assigned seats (Tickets have a seat numbers on them) or mix Select this option if your event or at least part of it is assigned seat. It could be amphitheater style, round-table dinner style or tables at a restaurant or night club. Select this option even if part of the event is assigned seats and part general admission


Venue is where your event happens. If you have already created the venue, you can select it from the list. Otherwise, click on "Create a new venue" and create one.

You will need to set the:

  • Venue's name
  • Address: will be used for direction and print on tickets
  • Time-zone: Will be used to start and end ticket sales based on the local time

Date / Time

Set the date/time of the event and set the date/time when the system will start and end the ticket sales.

Note that all times are based on the venue's local time-zone. So double-check and make sure the venue time-zone is set correctly.

Sale End Date / Time

At this exact time (based on venues local time-zone) ticket sales will end.

It is recommended to set the sales end date to a couple hours after the start of the event so that last-minute buyers can still buy tickets and attend the event, even after it is started.


Set the rest of event details and tick the "Active" box to activate it.


Hit save and save your event

Delivery & Return Tab

Here you can select the different delivery methods that you want to offer for this event and specify the event's returns policy.

Delivery Methods

Select the delivery methods that you want to offer.

By default, the system comes with 2 delivery methods.

  • Will-Call: Means that the buyer will pick up the tickets at the venue before the event
  • Print e-tickets or show on the phone: means that the buyer will either print their tickets or show them on their phone to get admitted.

You can add more delivery methods such as different types of mail (post), pick up from a certain location or retail store, ... here. You can even specify a fee for each delivery method.


One of the most popular delivery methods is e-Tickets. It is easy and cost effective delivery method. The tickets will be emailed to the user, right after the purchase and they can either print them or show them on the phone to get admitted.

e-Tickets are secured using a hard-to-generate code that is printed on each e-ticket. It is printed in QR code format, barcode format and human readable digits. At the gate, tickets should be validated to make sure they are valid and they are not duplicate (not being used more than once). Check out Control Panel > Help & Support > Help & Instructions > Gate Control & E-Ticket Validation for more information.

Will-Call (Venue Pickup)

Another delivery method is will-call where the customer picks up their tickets at a booth at the venue or a designated pick up location before the event. Users who don't have access to printers may choose this option.

If will-call is offered as the delivery method, you should be prepared to deliver the will-call tickets. Check out Control Panel > Help & Support > Help & Instructions >Ticket Delivery & Delivery Options for more information.


You can also offer delivery by mail. You can consult the post office or any mailing service to find the proper mailing options. You will get an email anytime a customer purchases tickets that require shipping and you are responsible for printing and mailing out the tickets. Check out Control Panel > Help & Support > Help & Instructions >Ticket Delivery & Delivery Options for more information.

Returns Policy

Specify the event returns policy. Whether or not you accept returns and if you do, for how long before the event and how much you charge for returns.

Pictures & Videos

Upload your flyer, picture of the venue/seating chart and add your YouTube or Facebook video.

All pictures should be in jpg, gif or png format.


Select the e-tickets design and preview a sample e-ticket.

Add / Update Tickets

Define your pricing structure by creating "Price Levels" And "Price Variations"

If your event is assigned seat and you have not created the seating chart yet, you will be asked to design your seating chart for the venue before you can add tickets.

Details & Questions

Set some more options and details about your event.


If you are selling ticket for another entity (organizer) and you want to give them access to all the sales reports for their event, or even access to create events on your site, you need to introduce them in the system as an organizer and select them as the organizer for the event.

Check out Control Panel > Help & Support > Help & Instructions > Users with special permission: Administrators, Reporter Generators, Event Organizers, Sales Agents & Gate Controllers on how to add new organizers.

Questions to be Asked

If necessary, enter questions that the buyer must answer to buy tickets. Check out Control Panel > Help & Support > Help & Instructions > Question Manager (Asking questions from buyers) on how to create and manage questions.


When your event is all set up, you can use the promote tab to send out promotional emails to your mailing list or create track-able links to distribute to your promoters or use in your digital ads. Track-able links, are links to your event or website that is tracked by the system. You can create as many track-able links, just by entering a unique keyword. Anytime somebody uses those links to come to your website and purchases tickets, the system relates that purchase to the keyword so you can report on that. This feature can be used to evaluate the efficiency (ROI) of your different ads or marketing campaigns or to calculate the amount of sales by your sub-promoters.