Ticketor - How to: Event Bundles / Packages

Event Bundles / Packages

After you create events, you can bundle them to create packages.

A package is usually a bundle of 2 or more events that is optionally sold at a discounted price.

To create a package use Control Panel > Events & Venues > Packages and create a new package. Fill out the package information and proceed to the "Events" tab.

On the events tab, add all the events including in the package. The events may be recurring events.

Save the package.

To add any discount for the package, use the "Discount & Options" tab and click on the "Coupon" button which will take you to the coupons page.

You can create 1 or more coupons for the package. For example, you can create a 10% discount for regular tickets and another 20% discount for VIP tickets.

When creating the coupon, set the "Event" to "Specific Package" and select the package by typing a few letters of it.

You may tick the "Automatically apply this coupon on checkout if the conditions meet" the box to make the coupon apply automatically.

If the coupon only applies when the buyer purchases all the events in the package or at least certain number of events in the package, make sure to tick the "Must buy all the events that this coupon applies to" box or fill the "Tickets must be for at least X different events" box.

Fill out the rest of fields, conditions and restrictions and save the coupon.

When the buyer clicks on the package, they will be redirected to the buy tickets page for the package where they can buy tickets to all the events in the package together, or they can buy tickets event-by-event.

Important note: The option to buy all the events together only shows up if all the events in the package have exactly similar pricing structure (price levels and price variations) and if the events are assigned seat, they must all use the same venue and seating chart. To make sure the events are similar, try to use event replication when possible.