Ticketor - How to: Integrate Ticketor with Your Website

Integrate Ticketor with Your Website

You can use your Ticketor-based site in different ways.

  1. You can use it as a stand-alone website and even use it as your official website.
  2. You can add it as a ticketing section to your existing website.
  3. You can embed it in your existing website.

If you do not have a website or are not happy with your website, we recommend you consider Ticketor as your official website. Ticketor has many powerful features to build a complete website. You can even move it to your own domain or sub-domain. Check out Control Panel > Help & Support > Help & Instructions > Moving the site to your own domain / sub-domain (white-label) for more information.

However, if using Ticketor for your whole website is not an option, you can use either of the following 3 options (or maybe all of them) that allows you to integrate ticketing into your website and add a ticketing section to it.

  1. Simple links to ticketing page
  2. Link exchange (recommended)
  3. IFrames (must be done with cautions)

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Design Ticketor with your logo, theme, background image and images to make it have the same feel and look as your other website
  2. Optionally move Ticketor to a sub-domain of your main domain. If your domain name is MySite.com, you can have Ticketor on Tickets.MySite.com or Events.MySite.com
  3. If you prefer a quick and simple integration, you can simply create "Tickets" links or buttons on your website and points to a specific event page or your main page at: https://www.Ticketor.com/Events

Deeper Integration

Link Exchange (recommended)

Link exchange is an easy way to make your website and your Ticketor box-office website integrated and seamless at minimum effort.

In this method we create a matching header nav on your Ticketor site and on your website. Some items in the header nav will point to the Ticketor site and some others to your other site. For example, you may have the following links in your header nav:

  • Home: Points to your current website (for example: www.mywebsite.com)
  • Tickets (or Events): Points to Ticketor website (for example: tickets.mywebsite.com or www.Ticketor.com/MyBusiness)
  • About Us: Points to your current website (for example: www.mywebsite.com/about)

You can pick and choose what pages to use from Ticketor and what pages from your website.

  1. Create the Nav on your site.
  2. Use Control Panel > Account & Settings > Pages & navigation to create the same navigation menu on your Ticketor site. For items in the nav that point to the other website, use the "Link to other sites" from the drop down.
  3. Using a similar nav on both websites, users can navigate back and forth between the 2 sites without actually noticing that.
  4. Optionally, links from different places of your website to Ticketor. You may have links like: "Buy Tickets" that points to the buy tickets page for a specific event or all your events, "Event Information", "Returns policy", etc. can point from your other website to Ticketor.
    To get the URL (address) of any page, simply go to the page and copy the address from your browser.

Here are some common pages that you may want to create link to:

And for each event, Ticketor builds 2 pages. One is the event information page and one is the purchase tickets page. You can get each link by simply going to the page and coping the URL from your browser.

Embedding / iframe (must be done with cautions)

You can also insert (embed) any section of your Ticketor site into a page on your other site using IFrames. To do so, simply go to the page on your Ticketor site that you want to embed in your other site. Some potential options are list of all events, or the ticketing page for a specific event.

  1. Go to the page that you want to use.
  2. Go to Control Panel > Account & Settings > Embed this page
  3. Select proper options in the popup and will give you both a link to the section and an iframe to use on any page outside Ticketor
  4. If you have a WordPress site, then get the shortcode and use the shortcode instead. You will need to download and install Ticketor's WordPress plug-in from: Ticketor.com/WordPress

Warning: Embedding must be done with cautions. The quality of the embedded content is affected by the quality of the page that you embed the code in.

  1. The embedded iframe can grow or shrink in height depending on the content inside the iframe. Make sure to insert the code inside an element that is not restricted in height and can grow freely otherwise it will end up with double scrollbars and will not function properly.
  2. Make sure your page is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. If your page is not responsive, the embedded code will not be responsive either.
  3. Avoid extra margins or paddings on mobile. The embedded area should be able to take the whole width and height of the screen on small mobile devices.
  4. Always set the links to open "in the parent window" to avoid issues from your website to affect the purchase process. If you decide to set the links to open in the same iframe, make sure to fully test the site and purchase flow on different devices and mobile to make sure your parent page is not breaking the purchase process.
  5. Users need more features than just purchasing tickets. They may need to login to print or manage their tickets at a later time, or may need to manage their email subscription, cookie preference, password reset, and many more. Make sure your embed solution does not hide this functionality.

This blog and video show you how to more on how to integrate your site with Ticketor or if you should consider replacing it.

Integrating Ticketor with Your Site