Ticketor - How to: Multi-day events

Multi-day events

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The term "Multi-day" event may be used to describe 2 types of different events:

The buyer needs only 1 ticket to attend all days:

Examples of such events are multi-day seminars, conferences or festivals.

To implement such event, create only 1 event, set the start date to when the event starts on the first date and set the duration to indicate the events end date on the last date. For example, the length of a 2-day event may be 1 day and 8 hours.

If you need to scan the tickets again on the second day, you have 2 options:

1- At the end of day 1, edit the event and from the details tab, click on "Reset scanned tickets". It will clear the scan results and so the tickets can be scanned again on the next day. Optionally, you can print or export the scan result before resetting from Control Panel > Events & Venues > Sold Tickets

2- When attendees leave the venue on the first day, you can scan the tickets in "Exit mode" so the tickets will be scan-able again on the next day.

The buyer needs 1 ticket per day with optionally an option for multi-day pass:

You need to create 1 event per day so the buyer can choose what day they want to attend and the system can keep track of capacity and make sure that you do not over-sell for each day.

You can optionally create a multi-day pass with optional discount. To do so create a package and add all the individual days to the package and optionally create a coupon for the multi-day pass.