Ticketor - How to: Reports


Ticketor offers a variety of real-time reports that can give you all the information you may need regarding your sales, delivery, financial, etc.. Just login to your site and use the "Reports" section of the Control Panel.

Each report may offer some filters such as date range, event or user. Set the filters properly and hit the refresh button to update the results. If you need to print the report, just use your browser's "Print" button. Some reports have "Export" options to export the result in Excel.

When you export a report in Excel, some fields may be multi-line and Excel may not show all the lines by default. To fix that, select all the fields in the sheet and from the Home tab at the top of your Excel select "Format > Autofit Row Height".

The date/times in the reports, respect the time zone specifies in your Site Settings. Go to "Control Panel > Account & Settings > Site Settings" and make sure your time zone is set correctly.

When it comes to reporting events and sales, there are basically 2 types of reports. First are the event-specific reports such as Event Statement, Event Audit and Admission List. Second are reports that list all events such as Sales & Invoices and Sold Tickets reports.