Ticketor - How to: Set Up Your Box Office (Thermal printer, Credit card reader)

Set Up Your Box Office (Thermal printer, Credit card reader)

Full video and article on setting up box-office can be found here

This section explains how you can setup your box-office or retail location.

To learn about compatible equipment and to purchase one, check out Find / Buy Box-Office and Scanning Equipment

Please note that all the box office settings get stored locally in your browser. It allows you to have different POS stations and each station may use a different device (printer or card reader).

1- Credit Card Reader:

  1. Purchase a compatible card reader as specified in 'Find / Buy Box-Office and Scanning Equipment' section.
  2. Use Control Panel > Box-Office > Credit-card reader to select the credit card reader. Follow the instruction on the page.
  3. On the checkout page, or the point-of-sale page, click on the credit card reader icon to activate and charge credit cards.

2- Thermal Printer:

Important Update: Chrome, Edge and some other browsers have made changes that blocks the website to print to the thermal printer. Go to chrome://flags/#block-insecure-private-network-requests and DISABLE the flag "Block insecure private network requests." to make the printer work again.

Please follow the instructions in this PDF file  .