Ticketor: Sell event and tickets online or at a box-office. How to: Users with special permission: Administrators, Reporter Generators, Event Organizers, Sales Agents & Gate Controllers

Users with special permission: Administrators, Reporter Generators, Event Organizers, Sales Agents & Gate Controllers

Besides regular users who sign up on your site to purchase tickets, there are different user types with special roles and permissions:

  • Administrator: Administrator is usually the owner of the site and has the highest level of access. The person who creates the website initially is granted the Administrator role but he can add other people as administrators.
  • Reporter: Has access to all reports without being able to make any changes.
  • Organizer: An event organizer is the owner of one or multiple events. They will have access to all reports for their own event and will receive an email anytime a sale occurs for their event. Organizers can be granted the extra permission to create and manage their events. Also organizers can be granted the permission to use their own payment processor. In this case they have to log in and integrate their own payment processor (Stripe, PayPal, ...)
  • Sales Agents: Is a user who can sell tickets to other people. They are usually your staff, who sell tickets over the phone or at the box-office. Sales agents may also be external agents or retail stores who will sell your tickets. Sales Agents can have extra permissions such as ability to "Give Discount", "Issue Refunds" or "Sell in Cash". Sales agents normally only have access to manage the invoices issued by them, which is good for external sales agents. However, for internal sales agents, you can grant them permission to access and manage all invoices.
  • Gate Controller: Is a user who can login and operate the gate control application. Each ticket checker with a barcode scanner, needs to be a "Gate Controller".

To create users with special roles and permissions:

  1. The user should sign up on your website (not on Ticketor.com) as a regular user. It is recommended that users with elevated permissions, sign up with more secure passwords.
  2. An administrator should login to the system.
  3. Go to Control Panel > Account & Settings > User manager
  4. Search the user by name or email and hit the search button.
  5. Click on the link to edit the user.
  6. From the "Roles & Permissions" tab, check the proper checkboxes. To make a user an administrator, click on the "Invite user to become an administrator" link.
  7. If the sales agent user is a "Retail Store" with a physical address, then fill out the business name, website and address fields so that it shows up on the "Store Locator" page.
  8. Save.