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Creating Donation Pages:

Ticketor's donation system allows you to create as many donation pages to your site / portal to support different causes. You can explain the cause on the page using text, pictures and videos, similar to this page.


Integrating Donation in the Checkout Flow:

Donations can get integrated into the checkout flow and as the buyers are purchasing their tickets, they will be asked if they want to consider donating some amount to your cause.


   For example, this donation is included in the checkout flow for people who purchase the "A Kids Show" event. Try purchasing ticket to that event to see how the integration work.


No-Friction Donation Process:

The greatest advantage of Ticketor's donation system, that will result in significantly higher donation collection, is that it creates no friction for the donor. The donor can buy tickets to as many events, buy merchandise and make donations, all in a single transaction and pay all at once. In most other systems, the buyer needs to purchase their tickets and enter their credit card information to pay for them. Then they need to navigate to a different page or system to make the donation and pay again. 

Ticketor allows the user to go to the donation page and only make a donation or they can make the donation as part of their purchase.



Donations are easily reportable and the report is exportable to Excel.


Automated Donation Receipts:

You can set up the system to automatically send out donation receipts (tax deductible receipts) as soon as the donation is made. That will save a lot of time for your accounting department. The receipt is customized with your own words and may include tags that will be replaced with the donor's name, donation amount, donation date/time, donation id, etc.


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Monthly donations will get charged to the same card or you will receive an invoice to pay, until it is cancelled.


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