Donation (If you cannot attend but would like to make a donation)

ACI is a program designed for teenagers and young adults to learn cooking techniques, while having fun in a safe environment. Aside from learning how to cook and knowing their way around a kitchen. The program builds teamwork, camaraderie, self- confidence and a taste for the unknown.


Each Friday evening a group of aspiring young chefs arrive at 6:30 PM and cooks for three hours. They learn to prep, sear, sauté, braise, make sauces, and slice and dice. They're taught French and Italian culinary terms, health and safety issues, as well as to “clean-as you-go”. 


The young chefs set a formal table in our dining room where the food is eaten and discussed--and no one leaves until the kitchen is cleaner than they found it.


The program culminates with an annual fund raising dinner where the new chefs prepare a seven-course meal for 160 guests and are awarded a certificate of completion. There are several entertainers that perform throughout the evening as well.


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