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Welcome to Ticketor Demo!


   The purpose of this site is to demonstrate how a Ticketor-base website may look like, how the assigned seat and general admission events work and what is the end-user experience. Obviously, each website may look different based on their design and configuration.


   This site allows you to purchase tickets to any of the fake posted events using a fake credit card and even print e-tickets. You will be able to pick your seat for the assigned seat events.


   Each event demonstrates different settings:

  • Some are assigned seat, some are general admission and some are dinner style.
  • Each event offers different price levels and some also offer price variations to offer discounted price to students, kids or senior citizens.
  • Some charge extra for service charges and some don't. Each event or even price level has a different service charge.
  • Some accept returns under some terms and after some deduction and some others accept no returns.
  • Some offer only a couple delivery methods while some others offer a variety of delivery methods.
  • The design of e-tickets and their color, varies from event to event and price level to price level.
  • Some offer promo codes (coupons) to offer some discount
  • Some use videos as well as flyers in their info page.


Some points to pay attention to:

  • The site is designed to the owner taste. You can design your site to look totally different.
  • The site owner is collecting the sales money using their own payment processor and/or PayPal.
  • The site owner has full control over the service charges, delivery charges, price levels and they can change it at any time
  • They can decide what delivery methods to offer for each event and if and under what conditions they may accept returns 

To test the functionality and purchase tickets, do not use a real credit card on this site. Instead use the following information:


Credit card number: 4111-1111-1111-1111 (without dashes)

Expiration date: 01/2023

CVC: 123

Billing Zip code: 12345

Billing Address: Anything





This video is a full Ticketor demo, explaining and demonstrating all the features, pricing, buyer and administrator experience.