Ticketor for your store, giftshop, bar, restaurant, concessions and for selling merchandise or services

The store feature allows you to sell merchandise, services, food or drink, both online and in-person at the point of sales (POS).

This store page is used to demonstrate the gift-shop capability. Users can buy items online and either pick them up at the store or select a mail (post) delivery method and have them get shipped to them.

Your staff can use the POS page to sell the items in-person or over-the-phone and accept cash, check or credit card as the payment.



List Price: $10.00Sale Price: $8.00

6-Panel Trucker Cap

List Price: $9.99Sale Price: $8.99

Aluminum Water Bottle with Carabiner 26 oz.

List Price: $29.95Sale Price: $27.95

Annual VIP Membership

List Price: $250.00Sale Price: $240.00

Puffer Jacket

List Price: $34.95Sale Price: $29.95