Gift Cards

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This store page is dedicated to selling gift cards.

Gift cards are great tools that can introduce your business to new patrons and can also generate cash flow. Any unused gift card or remaining balance is also free revenue to your business. 

Selling gift cards on Ticketor is very easy and requires no effort on your side. You just create a store page and add gift cards at different amounts. 

You can optionally put the gift cards on sale to sell them at lower price or you can set an expiration date on them so they get expired after certain period of time after the purchase. 

The user adds the gift cards to their shopping cart and purchase them. They immediately receive an electronic gift card, with a code and barcode on them, that they can print or send electronically to a friend or family member. 

The owner of the gift card can use the code on the checkout page to use the gift cards balance. A gift card can be used in multiple transactions and it can be used along with other gift cards or a credit card if the balance is not enough for the transaction.

The owner or you can also report the gift card and view the remaining balance or the list of transactions. 

The gift cards can also be used at the POS. Your staff can easily scan the barcode or QR code on the gift card to apply it or they can manually enter the gift card code. 

For more information check out our blog and video on "Everything About Selling and Using Gift Cards on Ticketor"


$200.00 Gift Card

List Price: $200.00Sale Price: $190.00

$150.00 Gift Card

List Price: $150.00Sale Price: $142.50

$100.00 Gift Card

List Price: $100.00Sale Price: $95.00

$50.00 Gift Card

Price: $50.00

$25.00 Gift Card

Price: $25.00

$10.00 Gift Card

Price: $10.00