Ticketor for your store, giftshop, bar, restaurant, concessions and for selling merchandise or services

You can use the Store functionality to create a page for your concession or food stand to sell food or beverages online, in-person at the POS or over the phone.

Users can order food and drinks on their phone and have it delivered to their table in the restaurant / cafe or certain seat in the theater or different areas of your venue such as the lobby, the lounge, conference room, Jacuzzi, pool, tennis court, etc. or they can pick it up.
Your staff can use the POS page to accept in-person or over-the-phone orders and accept cash, or credit cards.

Your kitchen will receive the order as soon as they are placed and can prepare and handle them.


Price: $6.00


Price: $6.00


Price: $5.00


Price: $4.00