Event Information

Free Church Service with Social Distancing
Assigned seat event in a church (Reservation only)

Tickets are not available any more on Ticketor Demo. You may be able to buy tickets at the venue if available.

Returns Policy:

Returns accepted up to 0 hours before the event.

Service charges may apply for the return of tickets as follows:

  1. Return for store credit: 0.00% of the ticket price is deducted
  2. Refund to your credit card: 0.00% of the ticket price is deducted

Exchange / Upgrade Policy:

Exchange / upgrade accepted with any event (no refund) Click here to see the list of all events

Exchange / upgrade accepted up to 0 hours before the event.


Some notes about this event:


  • This event is set to demonstrate the social distancing features of Ticketor. 
  • All tickets for this event are free. In other terms, this event is only used for reservation and to assign seats based on social distancing rules. This configuration can be used for free events or churches that don't charge for their services.
  • The event is configured to ask for Donations during the checkout process and the buyer can optionally add donation to their shopping cart and checkout all together.
  • The event is also set to promote a fund raising (gala), a conference and a kids show (or other activities) that the church is putting together and ask the buyer to consider purchasing tickets to those featured events as well as membership and other featured merchandise.
  • Every other row is left unavailable so there will be one vacant row between attendees
  • This events is created as a single event but you can create it as a recurring event.
  • 3 seats are left vacant between each party. It means that if you purchase some seats the 3 seats next to you will become unavailable to ensure you there are 3 seats space between you and other parties. The 3 seats is based on the event organizer configuration and the event organizer can change that. 
  • The capacity of the venue is capped at 200 across all price levels and price variations to make sure no more than 200 people can attend
  • The event does not allow parties bigger than 5 to comply with the social distancing rules. Bigger parties need to reserve as 2 or more invoices and the system enforces 3 vacant seats between them.

You can learn more about creating events with social distancing at the below blog and video:

How to create seated events with automated social distancing


Event Flyer